Pat Sunny - Our Famous Marketing Manager

Sunny is a well-known attendee at solar trade shows. If you are missing your fix of patting Sunny, you can see him respond to a ‘virtual’ pat by watching the video below.

While you're here...

Sunny is a great example of differentiating yourself from the rest of the market.

Consider what you can do to stand apart from the competition. Solar power is a commodity for many, which dictates competition on price and scale. It is possible to charge a higher price, but you’ve got to invest wisely in doing so. 

SunWiz assists Solar Retailers to differentiate, through our customised proposals on the OpenSolar using PVsell’s famous proposal editor, and through our Solar Customer Autopilot (delivered through Sunfluence

SunWiz offers strategic consulting for solar Manufacturers and Wholesalers looking to grow through differentiation.