Our Staff

Warwick Johnston 

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Warwick may not look like it, but he’s a self-confessed data geek with a passion for solar energy. Naturally, he gets really excited by solar data… though most people wouldn’t think this is a natural thing to get excited about. Lucky for the solar industry though, for it means it has a efficient and cost-effective way of collating, analysing and disseminating market intelligence. Warwick has what he calls a ‘creative’ sense of humour (others would say ‘quirky’), which has led to SunWiz being known for some highly creative marketing including the unashamed exploitation of his dog (whom he even went so far as to name Sunny) in his marketing activities. Warwick has been involved in the solar industry since working at Going Solar in 2005. He founded SunWiz in 2009 in an attempt to pass on some wisdom to the many solar businesses who were struggling for experienced resources. It was while sharing offices with Sungevity that Warwick earned the moniker “WOracle”. Any time Sungevity was debating an unanswerable topic, a head would pop over the partition to ask the WOracle. 

Though you’ll find Warwick surfing in Byron Bay, its not all rest and relaxation. He finds time to present at most major solar conferences, represent the industry on the Clean Energy Council’s PV Leadership committee, Policy & Advisory Committee, and as the Chair of the Domestic PV Directorate. Warwick also represents Australia in the International Energy Agency PVPS, and contributes to the Australian PV Institute, Australian Solar Council, and Solar Energy Industry Association. Warwick holds a Masters in Renewable Energy.

Quirky Marketing: presenting to SunEdison In Byron Bay wearing a (wet) suit

Jo Adlard

If you thought Warwick was smart (okay, so yes I admit it was Warwick who wrote this article), wait until you meet Jo. An astrophysicist by training, who’d have thought he’d end up as a volunteer ethics teacher at his kid’s primary school? Jo has a deeply philosophical mind, and an eye for detail. Jo is our resident data analyst, which means he does all the fun stuff that Warwick will later claim credit for.

Jo has been with SunWiz since 2012

Steph Miers

Steph is the most patient person in the office. Its lucky because he has many customers call up seeking technical support for PVsell but really just asking how to use a computer – your customer service experience is truly enhanced by Steph’s attentiveness. Steph is also a great salesperson, but where he really excels is keeping the office entertained – he’s a natural story teller with a life full of interesting experiences. 

Steph has worked with SunWiz since 2012.

Chris Taeni

Chris started out in the solar industry from humble beginnings as a warehouse hand in 2009. Since then he has managed to be involved in almost every facet of solar there is including installation, administration, sales, marketing, project management and engineering. With a strong foundational knowledge in all things electrical and a passion to expand the solar industry in Australia, Chris brings a fusion of technical brilliance and practical ability to the SunWiz team. Indeed when Warwick has some burst of inspiration, its usually left to Chris to decipher it and figure out how to implement the idea. As a father of 3, Chris has his hands full. When he’s not spending time with the family at the beach or working on solar projects, he’s playing Basketball at the local (and competitive) association. Chris joined SunWiz in mid-2014.


Sunny Johnston

The solar industry’s favourite dog, Sunny is the head (and tail) of SunWiz’s marketing department. Sunny began training the moment he came home in 2013 aged 8 weeks, and he now attends solar conferences where he teaches clients a few tricks and helps them become Top Dog of Solar. His favourite pasttimes include ball, ball, and ball and he will fearlessly dive into raging surf just to fetch that ball. ‘Shake Hands’ and ‘High Five’ Sunny at the next solar conference. Sunny is pictured here heading the PV Leadership Committee in 2015.