Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting overview

We Work With the Best to Make You the Best

SunWiz has been operating since 2009, and in over the past 10+ years has provided services to over 1400 clients, plus made a meaningful contribution to every solar industry organisation. It’s fair to say we’ve seen it all.

Our intimate knowledge of the solar industry is frequently called on in the following ways:

  • Market Entry Strategy for businesses wanting to enter the solar industry organically or through acquisition.
  • Techo-economic assessment, financial modelling, energy modelling, data analysis for your solar-related project or study.
  • Solar Rollout Strategy for businesses wanting to install solar power across their portfolio of properties
  • Introducing you to the right people at the right time

Get our guidance now and grow Exponentially

Sometimes you might be treading water and not sure on how to next proceed we provide valuable knowledge and expertise to get you surfing.

If you’re a Government Body or Business that is evaluating Solar Power in Australia, then SunWiz can help you to:

  • Save you time and money by providing instant access to exclusive in-depth information
  • Independently and Expertly Calculate whether Solar Power will meet your financial objectives
  • Accurately size your system so that you’re not wasting money and energy on a system bigger than you need
  • Identify which are the best buildings to place solar power to maximise your financial return
  • Compare quotes from various retailers of Solar Power Systems
  • Choose well in your Tenders
  • Perform Project Engineering, Feasibility Studies, or Owners Engineer tasks
  • Track the uptake progress, and recent trends of the Australian Solar Industry in your region

Here's how SunWiz can help you:

  1. SolarROI – individual site or asset portfolio analysis, ROI calculation or opportunity evaluation study, SunWiz can help. We’ve been calculating the return from a solar investment for councils and businesses since 2005, so much so that we developed software that is the Industry gold-standard for ROI calculation.
  2. Feasibility Study/Opportunity evaluation – If you’ve got a mutliple building assets and you’re considering solar, then you need to evaluate where your money will be best spent. What system size will be most profitable? Which buildings are most suited to PV? And who should you be approaching for quotations? We have helped many clients answer such questions, and we tailor our findings to your exact circumstances.
  3. Installer recommendation: It takes years to understand which installers are good, and which equipment represents best value for money. Don’t make a mistake, enlist our help to compare quotes from Solar Installers and provide a recommendation
  4. Information on solar uptake in your region – we keep the most up-to-date analysis of solar installations by state, postcode, installer, and size. Contact us for more information. Read more about our Market Intelligence services.

We do not sell or install any solar equipment, so we are Truly Independent.