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Best practice for solar retailers overview

Analyzing the Market Keeps us Informed to Make you Succeed

The biggest challenge for most solar retailers is making a decent profit on each job. Intense competition is a problem that masks the underlying issue: most solar companies haven’t successfully distinguished themselves from the rest of the field.

After researching the leading companies for many years, SunWiz knows what’s needed to build a solar brand that doesn’t need to compete on price. While solar business owners are often aware of what they could do better, typically you lack the time and resources to implement the tools and processes used by the leading solar companies. Which is why we’ve switched from advising you, to implementing and managing it for you.

SunWiz implements tools and processes used by the most successful businesses, for you. Our services include:

Pre-Sales & Post-Sales Automation

Automatically educate your customers about why they should buy from your company, give you a great review, and offer referrals.

Proposal and Website Review

Ensure your Unique Selling Proposition is well communicated and effective in compelling your customers to purchase from you.

Organic Leads Strategy

Wean yourself off lead generation providers, which instantly have you competing on price. Build your own source of leads that are pre-conditioned to buy from you and the price you deserve.

Competitor Benchmarking

We research your competitors and provide a detailed report of how you compare and provide recommendations of how you can improve to capture their market share.

Solar Software Advice

Bringing together the right software packages will save you time and money. Allowing you to focus more on closing deals and generating more leads. 

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