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If you need Strategic Market Intelligence on the Australian Solar Industry, you’ve come to the right place! SunWiz is the foremost provider of information, data, and analytics on the Australian Solar Industry. Our Australian Solar Intelligence is trusted by all the major solar companies and industry organisations – even global companies with international data subscriptions still subscribe to SunWiz because of our superior accuracy and frequency of data (and because of our outstanding value).

Inform your strategic decisions, Identify Opportunities, Discover Market Leaders, Track Market Developments, Evaluate Strategies, Assess Market Share, Benchmark Your Business.

Our Strategic Market Intelligence Subscriptions help you:

  • Make well-informed decisions based upon accurate information.
  • Stay ahead of trends, with up-to-the-minute data on solar installations.
  • Identify opportunities such as emerging markets, growing companies, hot spots for solar.
  • Understand the players in the solar industry, their rank and performance, so you can join (or beat) the best.

PV Market Monthly Reporting: Solar Volumes Nationally / by State, Market share by PV Retailer, Popular Sizes, System Prices, Panel Import Volumes, Top News Stories. 

We’re data geeks at heart, make use of our extraordinary talents!

Solar Farm Tracker, updated monthly.

Compare your KPIs to other Solar Retailer and the Broader Market.

Annual wrap of Australian Solar Market.

Annual Wrap of Home Energy Storage Market

STX & LGC Market Intel (Weekly): track trends in STC & LGC creation, trading, ownership, and surrender.

Market Intelligence Excels Business Insightful

Having insight in the market is valuable allowing you to identify risks and capitalize on your profits