OpenSolar to Solar Quotes Integration Settings

OpenSolar - Solar Quotes Integration Setting up

  • (For main point of contact)
  • (Name of main point of contact)
  • Granting Sunwiz Access to Your OpenSolar Account

  • While logged into OpenSolar please click here or follow the steps below to add us as a user to your OpenSolar account:

    1. Navigate to the control section.
    2. Click on "Company" to expand the hidden options.
    3. Click on the "Team" option.
    4. In the top right corner click on the "Create" button.
    5. Input "" as the email invitation to be sent to.
    6. Input "SunWiz" as the First name.
    7. Input "Support" as the Family name.
    8. Input "1300 786 949" as the phone number. (Optional)
    9. Click on the "Is Admin" toggle .

  • Solar Quotes details

  • This is the email where you receive solar quotes leads