OpenSolar Kickstart - Costs of Goods Sold

OpenSolar Kickstart - Rapid Setup: Cost of Goods Sold

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  • Costs of Goods Sold

    We encourage you to implement your Costs Of Goods Sold (COGS). This will enable you to track your profitability on each job, which we think is critical to successful business operation. It’s an effort initially, and requires a small amount of maintenance. Ask us about our business performance dashboard (which can display income and profitability), and about our benchmark service (where you can see how your profit margins compare to the rest of the industry). We can set COGS up for you, and even maintain it for you.
  • Panel ManufacturerPanel ModelPanel Wattage$ per panel 
    Click '+' to specify additional panels
  • Inverter ManufacturerInverter ModelInverter Wattage$ per Inverter 
    Click '+' to specify additional inverters
  • Battery ManufacturerBattery ModelBattery Capacity$ per Unit 
    Click '+' to specify additional batteries
  • For each of the following items, you can input a price per-system, per-panel, or per-Watt. (You don't have to enter a price for every item). Please specify each time which method you're using
  • RackingBOSLabour 
  • Two StoreysThree+ StoreysSteep Roof PitchVery Steep Roof PitchTilt Rack 
  • Composition / Asphalt ShingleFlat ConcreteFlat FoamKliplockMembrane EPDM 
  • Membrane PVCMembrane TPOMetal DecramasticMetal ShingleMetal Standing Seam 
  • Metal Stone CoatedMetal TinOtherTar and Gravel / BitumenThatched 
  • Tile ClayTile ConcreteTile SlateWood/Shake Shingle 
  • Lead GenerationSalarySoftwareCommissionCommission as a % of COGS 
  • Project ManagementDesign DrawingsPermit CostsOther Costs 
  • Supplier ShippingJob site Shipping and Warehousing