SunWiz on OpenSolar: Pro Assistance, Custom Proposals, KPI Benchmarking

SunWiz is OpenSolar’s Exclusive Advanced Training Partner in Australia

Software: It’s what you do with it that counts

Start heading in the right direction – Configure your OpenSolar account to match your business needs. Learn more about KickStart

Track your business performance, with Sunbiz Advisor for your company. Learn More about SunBiz Advisor

Increase your project accuracy, with the use of our Consumption Profiling Tool.

Differentiate yourself from the masses, by having the freedom to create a a fully customized proposal with PVprosell

Automate your operations, by integrating your OpenSolar account with your other applications streamlining your work flow.  OpenSolar Automations

Struggling with something on OpenSolar?

Maximise what OpenSolar does for your business, with SunWiz’s expert assistance

SunWiz believes OpenSolar is a brilliant software choice for most solar businesses. It encompasses everything a solar business needs,  all in one well-designed tool. And its free! What better value can you ask for?!!!


But are you missing out on OpenSolar's greatest benefit?

OpenSolar is incredibly sophisticated –it can be configured to do almost anything, including revealing how profitable each job truly is. But its greatest benefit is often overlooked. Like many software platforms, users tend dive in, play around, familiarise themselves with the essentials, and then contain themselves to the known. 

Use Open Solar to its fullest potential, and beat your comptition.

You can get some truly impressive, competition-beating benefits, simply by using OpenSolar to its fullest potential (and that’s where SunWiz steps in). We can show you how…. or set it all up for you.