Nigel Morris takes the helm of leading solar retailer… what this means for the solar industry

As if it weren’t hard enough to make a buck out of solar already, the news that solar businesses won’t be able to get help from Nigel Morris anymore just made life even tougher. The solar industry has already had to cope with the Abbott government’s recent announcement about its expanded cessation of CEFC project funding, and Mr. Morris’ departure will mean yet another hit. To make matters worse, not only is Nigel exiting consulting, he’s doing so to head up one of Australia’s leading solar retailers. So you’re going to be facing some intense competition from a well-respected company headed up by a dynamic genius and master strategist who knows exactly what makes solar businesses successful.

Personally, I’m disappointed that the solar industry will lose a seasoned veteran and vocal independent advocate. Nigel has a unique voice in our solar industry, a voice that will be impossible to replace. Nigel and I were jointly awarded an Industry Contribution award by the Australian Solar Council for their successful efforts to prevent the NSW government from retrospectively slashing the Solar Bonus Scheme, which was precedent-setting.

And Nigel’s departure from Solar Business Services will leave many clients at a loss. I’m also going to miss working with Nigel. SunWiz and Solar Business Services collaborated on a number of reports and projects over the past 6 years, including forecasts, opportunity assessments, and industry reports. Over this time we’ve built up a close friendship, and I will miss our lengthy debates. I’m confident that I’ll still have regular conversations with Nigel, as I’m sure he will really value SunWiz’s market intelligence subscriptions and PVsell sales tool at his new position.

Clients of Solar Business Services will however be relieved to know that SunWiz will aim to fill the void left in the solar consulting space left by SBS. Many (if not most) of SunWiz’s business activities align with those of SBS. SunWiz currently assist over 500 leading solar businesses with strategic guidance, marketing services, insider wisdom, and analytic consulting. SunWiz also helps businesses considering a solar investment – Comparing quotes is an incredibly complex task for organisations contemplating a solar investment. SunWiz acts as a Trusted Solar Advisor to ensure you make a well-informed, wise decision about which system and which provider to choose.

In Nigel’s absence, SunWiz will do its best to fill the gap left by Solar Business Services. Nigel’s industry advocacy will also be continued through my roles as Chair of the Domestic PV Directorate, PV Leadership Committee, and as Australia’s representative to the International Energy Agency’s PV Power Systems Task 1.

Nigel, I’d like to thank you for your glowing recommendations of PVsell software to every solar retailer consulted to by SBS over the years. Its been great working alongside you – you have my upmost respect. And I wish you the best fortune in your new role at.