Multiplying commercial customers 100 fold

This is the seventh article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

Solar companies often fail to truly master the art of referral business. When it comes to commercial solar, this is probably the most important aspect of achieving great success. But it’s not just referrals that you can take advantage of to truly master commercial sales success. There are a number of ways that you can quickly access customers which are just beyond your “traditional” marketing reach.

I like to think of these customers as prospects which are just on the edge of your reach in a “fog” which you need to clear so you can get to them. After all, most business prospects who have thought about solar will not come knocking on your door – so you need to cast the net a little bit further and in the right places, to harness the power of market intelligence to get higher commercial profits and more commercial solar customers.

The “hidden” network of commercial prospects you didn’t know existed

Imagine you get 1 commercial customer using SunWiz’s intelligent ProfitVoltaics suite of targeting services. How can you really make sure that you take every possible opportunity that exists to use that customer as “leverage” to get you more sales. The obvious one is to ask for referrals, leave business cards, offer a referral rewards program and an incentive for additional businesses to buy solar off you. But what about the “hidden” network of prospects who just won’t jump on referral-based marketing strategies. These prospects are ready to buy solar from you, if only you could reach them with a proposal and they are sitting ducks you cannot see with traditional marketing methods. You could continue to shoot blindly and hope you hit one. Or you could use advanced, intelligent marketing to access this network directly and “clear the fog”.

solar business opportunity

Unleashing the full power of business networks

In addition to optimising your referral programs and accessing the hidden network of prospects around an existing customer, you can further improve your sales by unleashing the full power of business networks. SunWiz’s ProfitVoltaics suite of products will help your business:

  • Target the right prospects who are ready to buy
  • Target prospects you can naturally sell to
  • Find even more prospects who are likely to have interest in commercial solar
  • Get to your prospects before your competition spoil the profits
  • Directly reach the decision-makers within your “golden” targeting list
  • And much more

And here is where things really take off. You have the opportunity to leverage your success using your existing commercial customers, you just might not have the time-resources or marketing know-how to grasp this opportunity successfully. SunWiz help you through intelligent marketing, to capture more commercial solar sales.

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