Maximising Victorian Solar Rebate Success

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Victoria’s Solar Homes rebate is driving unprecedented uptake of rooftop solar in the state. But the limited number of incentive ‘slots’ available each month – and the breakneck pace at which they’re being snatched up – means the most well-prepared will gain the greatest benefit from the scheme.

Unless the government gives in to pressure to scrap the scheme on the back of criticism from the industry, this monthly start-stop is the new reality of the market for installers in the state.

While this is arguably good news for households who are going solar in droves thanks to unprecedentedly low solar prices combined with intense time pressure, it isn’t necessarily great news for solar installers / retailers in the state who are dealing with more unpredictability and competition than ever. 

Keep in mind, however, that the Solar Homes Package has a 10-year lifespan, and is sure to continue to be immensely popular among households in the state for as long as it in place. Furthermore, there is no argument that it has resulted in more solar being installed than in the pre-rebate world. This means that there’s a good likelihood that it’s here to stay.

What’s a solar installer to do?

So how can you, as a solar company, get the most of it? In a word: Preparedness.

  • Talk to your customers and prepare your quotes ahead of time. 
    • If August goes down like July did, rebate slots will be chewed up in a matter of days. This means there will be about 3-4 weeks for you to get quotes to customers and for them to make a decision. One of the upsides of this time pressure is that it should keep everyone interested and engaged.
  • Learn the ins and outs of the Home Solar Package portal.
    • Solar Victoria sent out a newsletter this week saying that:
      • a) they’ve made it so that you can now save customer quotes in their portal (although you can of course give them even more comprehensive ones – and more easily – with PVSell);
      • b) you can now reset your password without calling the help centre (…how was that even a thing?), and 
      • c) they will be releasing training videos about the application process in the near future (if you’re not already on their mailing list for some reason, you can subscribe here).
  • Make sure your potential customers are aware that there is only a limited number of Solar Homes rebates available – and let them know that you can help them secure theirs.
    • This is why SunWiz is developing a Solar Homes Rebate Tracker Widget for solar installers to put on their websites.

About SunWiz’s Solar Homes Rebate Tracker

Recognising the importance of these points, SunWiz has developed an embeddable website widget that will streamline your communications with your potential customers.

Namely, it tells them:

    • It’s urgent: The number of rebate slots left for the month
    • Motivation to get thinking now: The clock is ticking, so they’ll want to get moving on a purchasing decision soon
    • You can help: As an approved company under the scheme, you can help them secure their rebate

It then gives them the opportunity to enter their contact details, which are entered into your CRM. 

From there, it will send them notifications:

  • 1 week before the rebate re-opens
  • 1 day before the rebate re-opens
  • On the day the rebate re-opens
  • When the rebate allotment for the month is closed – and to try again next month

Our aim is to turn what could otherwise be a chaotic and unpredictable sales environment into one with its own regimented order, maximising your chances of converting customers that come to your website. 

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