MarketView by SunWiz - Australian Solar Panel Market Share

SunWiz MarketView: Trends in Australian Solar Panel Market Share

MarketView provides a unique vision of the trends in uptake of solar panel brands in the Australian market.

  • MarketView is provided as a monthly subscription, enabling tracking of solar panel market share as it evolves.
  • MarketView includes information on system pricing, enabling evaluation of strategies to gain market share and increase revenue.
  • MarketView uniquely provides vision on panel substitution within leading solar retailers, to identify whom you’re losing business to.

MarketView is suited to:

  • Panel manufacturers, who need to keep an eye on their competitors, and understand which panels they’re losing market share to.
  • Wholesalers, which want to know whether they’re the leading seller of a particular panel brand, or whether they should be offering another panel that is growing in popularity.
  • Solar Retailers, who love to know what the public is buying most of, and get on board.

MarketView includes information on:

  1. The market share of panel manufacturers in the Australian rooftop market
  2. The market share of panel manufacturers in the Australian rooftop market – segmented by residential, sub-100kW commercial, >100kW commercial
  3. Manufacturer popularity by market segment
  4. Recent trends in market share of each panel manufacturer
  5. Panel substitution among (confidential) leading PV retailers
  6. Average system pricing in the last 90 days, by panel manufacturer
  7. Average system pricing in the last 90 days, by panel and inverter (where known) manufacturer
  8. Plus more to come
MarketView is based upon analysis of over 150MW/month of solar proposals from over 400 Australian solar retailers using SunWiz’s PVsell software, normalised and scaled to represent the overall monthly market. Note as per the PVsell license agreement, SunWiz  will not ever reveal the identities of the retailers using our software, and will ensure the absolute privacy of end-customers. Instead we provide meta-data. MarketView is available for $7,500/year to Insights subscribers, or $10,000/year otherwise. Prices exclude GST. Request a back-issue by emailing

6 Month Subscription

Here’s some of the (censored) content

Australian Panel Market Share by PV Manufacturer (recent month) – full report also breaks this down by residential, small commercial, large commercial segments.


Popularity by Market Segment for each Manufacturer


Evolution of Panel Market Share by Manufacturer


Average System Pricing in recent period, by panel brand


Average System Pricing distribution in recent period, by panel brand


6 Month Subscription