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SunWiz earned a long-standing reputation as the provider-of-choice to the solar & storage industry.

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If you need Strategic Market Intelligence on the Australian Solar Industry, you’ve come to the right place! SunWiz is the foremost provider of information, data, and analytics on the Australian Solar Industry. Our Australian Solar Intelligence is trusted by all the major solar companies and industry organisations – even global companies with international data subscriptions still subscribe to SunWiz because of our superior accuracy and frequency of data (and because of our outstanding value).

"We would like to thank SunWiz again, as our sales have grown 6 times larger than back to the old days when we did not buy from SunWiz."

-Rex Wang | Marketing Specialist
Growatt Energy

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Solar Market Intel For Your Business


SunWiz’s Luminate helps your business:


SunWiz Luminate is a Solar Market Intel service that helps:

Don’t get left behind, with weekly and monthly updates on key trends in the market as they evolve

Our portal enables you to:

  • Find information with ease
  • Interact with content
  • Download charts & reports
  • Download data for your own software
  • View customised reports and curated stories

Get instant feedback on your performance by calculating your market share

Luminate provides your business with crucial data

  • Get instant feedback on your performance
  • Improve share-of-wallet engaging with key clients
  • Identify your competition
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of your brand vs the competition

Plan weeks & years ahead with Luminate

Luminate provides your business with crucial data

  • Installation trends and forecasts
  • Lead generation activity and indices on conversion rate + day-to-close
  • Forward order projections from retailers (opt-in basis)

Track which sizes are in demand to offer products that match your customer needs

Luminate provides your business with crucial data

  • System Size average & distribution (PV & ESS)
  • Trends in capacity by state, segment and ESS attachment rates
  • Top ranking brands and market share for panels, inverters and batteries
  • Evaluate adjacent markets 

Offer your systems at a competitive price

Luminate provides your business with crucial data

  • Data metrics to price optimally without underselling
  • Wide range of price, margins and conversion data.
  • Understand your brand’s price premium 
  • National and state pricing data: panels, inverters and system sizes

Know what sells best with Luminate

Luminate provides your business with crucial data

  • Identify the business models that work with extensive pricing data
  • Discover popular brands and classes of equipment
  • Analytics on what works best for your business

Compare trends in finance uptake

Luminate provides your business with crucial data

  • Compare share-of-finance vs other vendors
  • Identify popular term-rate combinations by vendor
  • Trends in popularity of offering finance

Luminate provides all this information at your fingertips!

  • Installation Volumes
  • Segments & Sizes
  • Market Share
  • Top Brands
  • Top Retailers
  • System Prices
  • Locations
  • Lead Volumes

We reveal:

  • Historical Context
  • What’s just happened
  • Emerging Trends
  • What’s about to happen

 We Cover:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial 
  • Utility-Scale
  • PV
  • Storage

SunWiz utilises a wide range of data partnerships to provide an unrivalled perspective on the Australian Solar & Storage Industry.

Data Sources

  • Government Agencies
  • Interviews & Manual Research
  • Partnerships with
    • Software Platforms
    • Solar Certificate Agencies
    • Finance Providers
    • Lead Generators
    • Wholesalers
    • EuPD Research

SunWiz brings everything you must know about Australian Solar & Storage into one place.

All Retailer Register

Connect with more ideal customers that enhance your profit

For suppliers of equipment or services to solar retailers

Luminate Essentials / STC Retailers provides monthly volumes of leading solar retailers.

Upgrading to the All Retailer Register gives you much more, covering size, reputation, employees, and contact details of 4000+ Australian solar retailers.

It enables you to:

  • Identify large retailers
  • Discover a retailer’s employees … and connect directly to decision makers
  • Identify the most reputable retailers to do business with 
  • Connect with local retailers and installers
  • Reach out to new / fast-growing retailers
  • Then track their growth and predict their future 

(even if that retailer doesn’t self-register STCs)*

Your annual subscription includes monthly updates that identify high-growth opportunities, new retailers, plus enhanced content.

*Note that in many cases the retailer size is inferred from other key business metrics. Its accuracy varies and is continually improving. Not every data point is filled in on every retailer. We are continually improving our coverage.

Note, SunWiz does not provide lists that enable the bulk messaging of solar industry workers. Our services do enable you to personally connect, for those seeking to build relationships with genuine partners.


Essentials Leader Enterprise
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Users Included 5 10 20
Interactive Users 0 1 3
Customised Content
Annual in-person Company Presentation
Personal Call with SunWiz CEO Annually Semi-Annually Quarterly
Subscriber-only Webinar Access
Year in Review Report
25% off any SunWiz Annual Report

With Luminate, you can choose the data you want access to.

  • Tier 1: Essentials
    Essential PV & ESS Market Intel
  • Tier 2: Leader
    Market Intel Bundles Tailored To Industry Role
  • Tier 3: Enterprise
    All-access PV & ESS Market Intel

Tier 1



Tier 2



Tier 3



Users Included




Interactive Users




Customised Content



Annual Company Presentation


Personal Call with SunWiz CEO




Webinar Access




Annual PV Report
(Year in Review)

25% Off


Annual Battery Report

25% Off


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Luminate Leader

Our Enterprise Bundle includes access to all data available on the Luminate Platform

  • Access all our content
  • More users, more interactivity
  • Custom Content
  • Annual in-person Company Presentation
  • Quarterly Personal Call
  • Annual SunWiz Australian PV Report valued at $6000
  • Annual SunWiz Australian Battery Report valued at $7500 

As every solar business is different, we are able to customise the Luminate as per your needs and preferences. By booking a free discovery call with us, we will be able to advise you with a product best suited to your business.

We also offer annual reports

Annual wrap of Australian Solar Market.

Annual Wrap of Home Energy Storage Market

Market Intelligence Excels Business Insightful

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