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Tailored to Solar Retailers & Installers' budget & needs

SunWiz offers market intelligence packages tailored to the needs of solar retailers, going well beyond the others, to deliver you the information you need to survive & thrive.

SunWiz has earned a long-standing reputation as the data provider-of-choice to the solar & storage industry.

Strategic Information and Insights
For Your Solar Business

If you need Strategic Market Intelligence on the Australian Solar Industry, you’ve come to the right place! SunWiz is the foremost provider of information, data, and analytics on the Australian Solar Industry. Our Australian Solar Intelligence is trusted by all the major solar companies and industry organisations – even global companies with international data subscriptions still subscribe to SunWiz because of our superior accuracy and frequency of data (and because of our outstanding value).

Luminate SME Market Intel will do this for YOU:


Here’s the difference this makes to you:

  • Eliminate Uncertainty and Doubt
  • Improve your prices and margins
  • Increase your sales conversion rate
  • Stop being spread-thin by concentrating your resources
  • Reduce Stress

Here’s how SunWiz delivers extra profit:

  • Foresight: resource your business perfectly and answer “am I the only one”?
  • Hindsight: compare your installations to the bigger picture
  • Competitor Insight: track the top companies in your state and know what it takes to join their ranks
  • Right Products: Sell the optimal blend of in-demand brands
  • Best Places: Identify fast-growing high-volume locations to target
  • Optimal Prices: Price your systems the smart way drawing upon anonymised prices from hundreds of real solar companies

Get a Sample Delivered

You get MORE than you Pay for!

This will pay for itself in a single sale… over and over and over again

Monthly Subscription

Cancel Anytime
$ 250 ex GST
  • Paid Monthly
  • Updated Monthly
  • For the state of your choice
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Save 33% by pre-paying

Commercial Retailer Standalone / Add-on package

The Commercial Retailer package covers:

The Commercial Retailer package is available on its own, or as an add-on to any other package, and is priced at $6000/ year ex. GST

Market Intelligence Excels Business Insightful

Having insight in the market is valuable allowing you to identify risks and capitalize on your profits