Liquidity returns to the LGC market

Something unusual recently happened in the LGC market. While the solar industry was suffering through a terrible May, the LGC market came alive. Now, most LGC trading typically happens in January and February as Liable Entities prepare for the annual surrender of LGCs, and there is far lower volumes of trading outside of those months. The chart below shows an analysis of the REC Registry that depicts the monthly LGC trading volume – Januaries and Februaries have been excluded. You can see the massive spike in May, which was preceded by a noteworthy April and an outstanding March. The only time we’ve seen trading volumes this large before was when liable entities were snapping up cheap LGCs from PV systems before the RET was split into LRET and SRES.

Largest Large Scale Solar LGC Trading Month Ever Australia

So who is responsible for this return to LGC market liquidity? SunWiz’s RETelligence provides LGC market transparency to subscribers through weekly-updated interactive dashboards that answer questions like:

  • How much is each liable entity holding compared to their surrender liability, and how have parties’ holdings evolved over time?
  • Who is buying and selling LGCs, how does this compare with typical behavior, and who trades with whom?
  • Which liable entities have REC purchase agreements with each power station?
  • How is each power station and fuel source performing?

This information allows subscribers to understand the market dynamics in intricate detail, helping inform key decisions, manage risk, and improve upon negotiating positions.

Subscribe to RETelligence from $6000 ex GST per year.