The Key to Super-Profits in CommercialPV


  1. Commercial Hot Spots:
    We identify your best locations to target for commercial solar. You tell us which postcodes you service, and we give you the top 10 locations to target commercial PV marketing with.
    Benefit: your market activities are focussed in the best places

  2. Best Business Customers:
    We work with you to identify your best business customer types. We combine exclusive research about solar-buying businesses with your natural customer network.
    Benefit: your market activities are focussed in the best places

  3. Highly-Targeted Lead Generation:
    We set up and manage targeted online advertising directly to your target market. We also give you contact details of target businesses in your hot spots for you to call or door-knock should you so wish
    Benefit: new customers cost-effectively arising from your natural customer network

  4. High Value Customer Identification:
    We create a landing page with a form embedded that identifies customers that are most suitable for solar, including the ROI they’re expecting. Upon form completion, we educate your customer what to look for in a solar company, and directs them to you
    Benefit: your sales activities are focussed on the most profitable customers

  5. Profit-Enriching Conversion Tools:
    You convert the lead with the winning framework that we give you, which convinces your customer to buy from you and nobody else. Our tool shows you the $/W you can charge to deliver the ROI they’ve requested.
    Benefit: you get a high profit margin and no competition

  6. Bonus: Profit-Maximizing Commercial PV Wisdom (Value $4900)
    Lessons-learned from the giants of commercial PV. Learn the sales strategies and delivery factors from Australia’s most successful commercial PV salesman. This guy was responsible for… This report is highly-distilled wisdom!

  7. Bonus: Strategies of Top Commercial PV Companies (Value $1900)
    Emulate the success of Australia’s Top Commercial PV companies, and understand your competition. This report identifies the companies that have been most successful in commercial PV, and identifies their strategies.