Key Strategies For Commercial Success

What does it take to be successful in commercial PV?

Are you ready to seriously tackle the commercial PV market? Even if you’re making commercial sales, there is no doubt that you could win many more with this information. Keep reading and you’ll see…

The “Typical” Commercial PV Problem:

There are a few major things that stop most successful residential PV companies from entering the commercial market. Lead times on commercial sales are not like residential. It can take many months to secure a commercial sale which means you already spent a lot of money on a potential sale before it possible converts to a sale.

Commercial is different to residential. Business owners expect you to deliver a convincing business case as to why they should A) invest in solar at all and B) choose your company to do the job

What else is standing in the way?

  1. You don’t know which industries are buying PV, so you’re shooting blind
  2. Lead acquisition is scarce and sketchy at best. You need a strategy for obtaining highly motivated and interested commercial leads
  3. You don’t know which regions are likely to buy commercial PV systems


This is where we step in

Our Strategic Report On Commercial PV Success covers every angle.

This is an unbelievable amount of high quality information that WILL help ANY PV business increase commercial sales. It literally consists of years of collective experience with commercial PV from some of Australia’s most experienced solar veterans. This report could be worth many millions to a struggling PV business who turns their strategy inline with best practice and becomes a commercial PV market leader. Don’t get it wrong, succeeding in commercial PV won’t happen overnight – but with the right strategic approach and information, you’ll have a much easier job ahead of you than if you’re “running blind”.

Make a smart decision and invest in this report if you truly want to succeed with commercial.

What you get:

– Learn valuable key lessons from Australia’s #1 commercial sales person (worth many thousands in additional sales you’ll make with this advice)

– Find out which industries are buying solar, so you can target these fertile sales sectors  (highly valuable strategic advice!)

– Find out which postcodes have the most commercial volume, so you can pinpoint where to sell most easily (highly valuable strategic advice!)

– Get your commercial facts straight – discover which sizes to focus on for maximum profit and minimum hassle (highly valuable strategic advice!)

– Your ultimate commercial PV response-kit to guide you to higher profits and more success in the commercial space (highly valuable strategic advice!)


– Discover new ways to target businesses (who are ripe for solar)

– Refine your marketing focus to industries who are already buying PV in other areas

– Hone in on regions that have high commercial PV uptake – increases your chance at winning more sales

– Enhance profits on commercial sales – learn their ROI expectations and deliver at a higher profit!

– Focus on solar system sizes that sell and let your competitors “guess”

– Win more sales starting today – learn what it takes to setup a strategy that will work and get it up and running now.

 This report could turn the tables for you in commercial success with PV!


Without this report, you’re left to guesswork – what’s the market doing? Which areas are ‘ripe for the picking’ with commercial? Which industries are absolute gold to target (and which are a total waste of time)? What strategies are the TOP commercial PV companies using to get massive market share in the sector!?

You could find out all of this and MUCH more! 

You can sit down today and work out a commercial PV strategy that WILL work — one with PROVEN, SOUND strategies!

What else do you get?

We are also giving away these highly valuable reports with the 2016 Commercial Success Report:

  • “How To Sell More Commercial Solar” Written by Patrick Greene (Australia’s most successful commercial solar salesman) – valued at $2,000!
  • Website strategic advantages used by top commercial players – valued at $250!

This is well over $5,000 in value – yours today when you Buy Now for just $1,850 Excl. GST!


What does Australia’s no. 1 commercial PV retailer think about this report?

“The SunWiz Commercial PV Report 2016 is essential reading for any company looking to break into the Australian commercial PV market or increase their knowledge in this sector – Danin Kahn, CEO – Todae Solar”