Intelligent Solar Designs

Resource Constrained?

Want to simplify your design process?

Need accurate solar designs, fast?

Outsourced design and drafting is the intelligent choice.

Over 90% of our customers return in order to reap the continued benefits of our design team’s skilled approach to streamline photovoltaic system designs.

Intelligent Solar Designs can assist by speeding up and taking the head-ache out of your design process.

What is it?

A collaboration of Australia’s leading PV practitioners whose mission it is to provide a high quality design service for small – medium scale projects. Design excellence is at the centre of what we do.

Who is it for?

We cater for the solar industry as a whole; we’ve helped numerous companies quickly turn around designs to respond to new opportunities – e.g. changes in FiT and to supply chain constraints. We’ve also assisted many resource-constrained companies complete important work that never quite reached the top of the to-do list.

What do you get?

You will be allocated a dedicated designer who will work with you to understand your requirements. Once the design is agreed, a set of branded schematics will be produced and signed off (watermarked) by a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited designer. If your project falls into our standard criteria – typically most projects 30 kWp or less – then the work will be completed at a set fee.

What are the benefits?

  • Fixed fee for most projects < 30kWp – makes planning a breeze
  • Quick Turnaround – typically within one week
  • Experience – our CEC approved design team has worked on a wide range of landmark Australian and International projects and been awarded numerous awards, including 3 ATRAA awards of excellence.
  • Reliability – all system designs are checked by at least 2 designers to avoid mistakes and time delays


Northern Design Office:

PO Box 929
Byron Bay
NSW 2481
Warwick Johnston 0413 361 534

*All rates are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST

Southern Design Office:

12a 628 StKilda Rd
VIC 3004
Lachlan Bateman 0431 028 495