Instantly prioritise your All Energy opportunities for Maximum Impact - here's how

Chances are you’ve got enough opportunities from All Energy to keep your sales team busy for the next two weeks.
  • Some of those opportunities are clearly red-hot. Those ones will have reached out to you already.
  • However, plenty will be opportunistic – quick sales if you’re fast enough to catch their attention before someone (or something) else does; and big sales if you’re persistent enough to chase them down.
  • But many of those leads will end up being time wasters.
  • And often the person you spoke with doesn’t turn out to be the decision maker.

The Conundrum

  • Problem #1: Those many time-wasting leads can distract you from the plenty of opportunistic ones.
  • Problem #2: While you’re spending your time building relationships with the wrong person, someone else is doing a deal with the decision maker.
If you reach the decision maker at those opportunistic leads too late, you’ll miss the opportunity.
If you persist with the time wasters, you’ll miss the real opportunities.
But its really hard to know which opportunities should be pursued first.
And which person has authority to do a deal.
Until Now

Master your own destiny

Respond to the leads that present the biggest opportunity first.
And contact the decision maker directly.
Here’s how.
  1. Investigate each opportunity using the SunWiz All Retailer Register.
  2. Note down its #installations per year. If its large, its a higher priority.
  3. Note down its headcount. If its large, its a higher priority.
  4. Evaluate the company’s reputation. If its above 4.8stars, its a higher priority.
  5. Investigate the company’s affiliated brands. If your product/service matches, its a higher priority.
  6. Check who works at the company. Compare that to the leads you scanned. Is your contact the decision maker, or do you instead need an introduction? Or should you approach the deal-maker directly.

SunWiz All Retailer Register is now being used by smart suppliers to gain market share

Here’s how it looks in action