How to Automate Your Solar Business?

Airplanes have an autopilot for a reason, and so should you.

So automating your business is like building an autopilot for an airplane. Lots of learning and effort upfront, after which you can cruise as long as you like.

Many software packages incorporate CRM functionality, and we love how you can configure OpenSolar to match your business processes and then use some of the advanced reporting that SunWiz provides to unlock its CRM power. Still, many companies prefer the power of a purpose built CRM, and embedding links between the two platforms into the customer record is going to save plenty of time. Syncing the customer stage means you’ve got a clear reading on your customer wherever you are at that moment. You may also wish to automatically store in your CRM key documents, such as proposals and signed agreements.

First, you want to decide which of your software platforms you’ll use as your hub and the rest will be your spokes. Typically, your CRM will be your hub, but you could also consider using your solar software such as OpenSolar, as your CRM and as your hub. OpenSolar already offers pretty decent CRM functionality without the price tag. Now, next, you want to decide who’s going to do the implementation for you. Do you have the time and know-how to learn how to implement and then do the implementation and then debug and maintain it? I reckon you’ll save valuable time and avoid mistakes by using somebody who’s done this many times before. SunWiz can perform the implementation for you if you wish. 

Next, decide whether you’ll integrate your software using an API, which is going to require sophisticated programming skills and a thorough understanding of each software you connect, or whether you will use a platform like zapier that provides instant connection to thousands of software platforms and a more understandable, process-driven interface. For those of us who don’t like programming, SunWiz are experts in OpenSolar’s API. And we’ve also built a connection between OpenSolar and zapier so you can connect OpenSolar to most other software platforms. SunWiz can provide you access to that zapier connector. See the entire video guide below.

If you’re going to do it yourself, you need to consider what’s your trigger, what are the actions and how do you handle errors and make sure you keep things in sync between whatever platforms you’re using now. Automations are just one of SunWiz’s extensions to OpenSolar’s capability. We’d like to invite you to discover all that’s possible with SunWiz on OpenSolar on our ExtendIT page, or for an effortless business elevation we do it all for your solution including the automation, please check out SunBiz Accelerate.