How the planet benefits from your data

Our mission is to address climate change by helping the Solar Industry go 3x faster and 5x more effective.

To do this, every solar business must operate optimally. Poor decisions waste time and resources, and the planet can’t afford that.
Sharing (anonymised, privacy-upheld) data with SunWiz leads to better decisions made by your business, better products offered by your suppliers, and a rapidly-growing industry that everyone benefits from.
That’s why your participation is noble – it benefits the planet, the solar industry, and your business.
Here’s some examples of how your data feeds into our analyses, after first being cleansed of private information and then being combined with many other data sources. As you can see:
Understanding solar retailers’ data enables us to provide valuable analytics to the industry, as follows: 
  • Benefiting Your Business: Businesses that opt-in to our Business Analytics service receive information that helps them price perfectly and optimally concentrate their resources, plus speeds up their time-to-profit. The video below demonstrates how.
  • Better Products: Manufacturers use data about wattage & electrical characteristics of panels and inverters to develop and deliver products that are fit for our market.  
  • Better Suppliers: Manufacturers use information about changes in market share to inform them whether their pricing and go-to-market strategy needs to be improved.

Better Manufacturer Loyalty: Concentrating manufacturer attention on keeping you as a customer and doing what it takes to earn more of your business.

Better Product Availability: Manufacturers and wholesalers use information about project proposal volumes to inform how much stock they need to allocate / import into the country/state. Your data is one of the many data sources used for this information.

Better Pricing: helping retailers price more sensibly and manufacturers understand their brand strength.


Better Batteries: Helping drive battery uptake by informing trends on rates of sales conversion and PV-system attachment. Plus helping batteries integrate better with inverters.

To reiterate, as you can see:

How we handle your data:
  • When we use your data, we first delete all private information (e.g. customer details & your company details), to anonymise your data and then aggregate it with other accounts. This ensures your identity and that of your customers is NEVER revealed.
  • Securely hosted on Google Cloud servers, based in Australia.
  • Automatically wiped each month and then refreshed, so if you opt-out of the service your data is removed.
(We also draw data from many other sources, including government databases, websites, surveys, and other data partners). You can view a sample of practically everything we do at this page