How optimisation improves solar business performance

This is the eighth article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

Any solar business owner knows how much time is worth. When you’re doing things right, the sales are pouring in and profits are good. When you’re not using every opportunity effectively, you’re wasting time with tyre-kickers, being rejected and competing for low-profit jobs. Simple optimisation can help you make the most of your valuable time.

Think about this scenario:

1 sales person spends 10 days making a 30kW commercial sale. You buy leads, compete with other solar companies with massive buying power and end up somehow winning a sale. The only throwback is that since you had to compete with many others, your profits are a slim $5,000 from a $50,000 sale. Divide this by 10 days and it’s just $500 profit a day.

Now imagine if your sales person spends 20 days contacting highly targeted business owners with a solid strategy. You reach the decision-makers first, build rapport and give your prospect options so they feel like they have a comparison choice to make. You end up with 2 sales and a healthy $15,000 profit on each of them. Divide the $30k total profit over 20 days and you’ve got $1,500 profit a day!

That’s an example of how optimisation can triple your profits in commercial solar.

solar business optimisation

Better website techniques for commercial solar

A professional website can make or break valuable sales! If a business owner lands on your site and sees that you haven’t got any specific information, case studies or testimonials in their industry (or even in commercial solar) they’ll bounce straight away to one of your competitors.

If you use this space effectively though to showcase your achievements and potential, you can massively improve your success in commercial. And let’s face it, almost every customer who contacts you directly after visiting your website is a very easy sale.

Part of SunWiz’s ProfitVoltaics suite of services is focused around reviewing your website and making recommendations to bring in more commercial enquiries.

Key elements the top commercial solar companies are using online

The best (and most intelligent) way to get more commercial solar enquiries online is to look at what the top commercial players are doing in this space. They are obviously doing things right (since they’re top in the country) so why not model the same elements that they use to get success? With SunWiz intelligence, it’s easy to discover who is the best in commercial and then follow the queues to a more successful, high-converting website. Ask us how ProfitVoltaics can transform your online success – bringing you more high-profit commercial leads.

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