How much is $1 in profit worth?

This is the final article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

We all know how valuable profit is to a business. It’s literally the lifeline that keeps businesses afloat. So considering that most businesses don’t want to fight tooth and claw for every cent of profit (although many in the solar industry do), what’s the best way to get maximum profit with minimal effort?


Maximising your commercial profits

Commercial customers are business minded people. They understand the value of investments which deliver reliable returns but they are also cautious not to invest in things which won’t deliver. SunWiz have a range of methods to intelligently discover how you can maximise your profits with commercial customers. You need to understand your customers’ mindsets, what will motivate them to buy and what kind of ROI they expect (so you know how much you can charge). Every salespersons worst nightmare is to offer their customer a price only to be.

Commercial Solar Profit

Overheads, costs and slim profits

If you aren’t getting the most profit possible from your commercial customers, then you can easily start seeing your business slip. Commercial takes a lot more effort to crack than residential and this means costs are higher. If you’re competing with other businesses on price alone then you’ll find commercial can be very unrewarding. In contrast to this, if you’re doing it right, you can create a very lucrative branch of your solar business.

Strategic ways to find more profit instantly

Using SunWiz definitely pays off here. Combining our PVsell software with our ProfitVoltaics suite of services means you can identify where more profit can be made straight away! Our software intelligently analyses thousands of PVsell jobs and outcomes to assess where your best commercial opportunities lie. You can get quick feedback which tells you “our analysis shows an average profit which is 40% higher than what you’ve indicated for similar jobs. Consider increasing your price to get more profit”. Ask SunWiz today about implementing intelligent strategies to improve your commercial solar sales and profits.

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