How Do You Calculate Solar PV Payback?

How do you calculate Solar PV payback?

Are you still using Excel to calculate your solar payback for customers? Excel is a fantastically awesome tool for doing quick calculations, but when it comes to solar calculations there are heaps of reasons NOT to use Excel.

People don’t understand my spreadsheet!

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Excel can do all the wrong things for some people – including making them want to fall asleep. If you’ve come up with a brilliant spreadsheet which perfectly expresses the temperature co-efficient of solar cells as a function of internal rate of return then the chances are, you’ll baffle and confuse most of your customers. What makes it even worse? The only customers who do understand your spreadsheet probably aren’t going to trust your calculations.

How PVsell solves this:

PVsell produces simple, easy-to-understand results. Your customer doesn’t need a masters engineering degree to understand the output. They will get an accurate, simple report of solar PV payback every time.

Show me something that looks nice

solar pv payback spreadsheet

Spreadsheets were never designed to give you a graphically pleasing output. As a result, most spreadsheets are, let’s face it, ugly. Customers who see your spreadsheet-driven proposal might get past the complexity and trust issues above, but if it doesn’t look like a professional proposal, you’re in a whole new world of trouble trying to convert the sale!

How PVsell solves this:

PVsell output is designed to look good. Your sale is on the line after all!

Solar PV Payback – Accuracy issues

An Excel spreadsheet can be fraught with issues in accuracy. This is particularly important when calculating solar power export. Even masterful Excel users will agree that getting the program to account for orientation and tilt when assessing export volumes and time-of-generation value is not an easy task.

How PVsell solves this:

The PVsell engine has been refined and perfected over the years. It is extremely robust and the most accurate calculation for solar PV available anywhere.

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