How competing your way to the bottom ruins solar businesses

This is the eleventh article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

Solar businesses (like any business) rely on profits to sustain them. So it goes without mention really that lower profits can destroy businesses. If you’re competing with other businesses on price then you are on the wrong track! Customers will naturally think that price is a big thing while making their decision, but if you can effectively communicate the value you are offering – by not selling systems dirt-cheap, then you have a very good chance of selling and making a good profit.


Price wars are unsustainable and will deliver very little value to your business. Not only do you make less profit for the same amount of work, but all your valuable referral customers will be expecting the same deal that their buddy got – leaving you with less chance to make a good profit.

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The valuable information your prospects need to know about you

Your prospect doesn’t understand why they should pay more to buy from you. If they did understand this, they would sign your contract immediately! So you need to communicate to them, how what your offering goes far above and beyond what a cheap and nasty competitor is offering. Here are just a few things that your prospect must know to choose you over a cheaper competitor:

  • Your high level of service and what that means in the long-run for them
  • Your high product quality and how that will save them headaches
  • Your commitment to the industry
  • Your achievements and accreditations

It’s all well and good for you to tell your prospects these things, but what’s 100 x better than this is if an independent 3rd party tells them this information! This is precisely why referral prospects are so valuable. This is also something that SunWiz’s ProfitVoltaics package offers – Recommendations to your prospects based on specific criteria that makes your company stand out.

Why your prospects will shun every other solar company in favour of yours

What every business wants more than anything, is for prospects to come crying for their products & services, without a second thought for their competition. So why does this objective seem so elusive to the majority of solar businesses? Solar is a complex product. There are many different panels and inverters and even more considerations to take into account when installing. So if you want your business to really stand out from the crowd, you need to have something special.

How SunWiz helps with this is by empowering your customer to understand:

  1. What they need to know to make a good decision with choosing their solar company
  2. That your company fits the criteria of a good solar company

Ask about how SunWiz’s ProfitVoltaics suite of services can make your business more successful in getting commercial prospects to choose you.

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