Guidance for Solar Retailers

Guidance for Solar Retailers

Profit Focused Guidance for Solar Businesses!

No matter the size of your Solar Business, SunWiz can help it grow!

Since 2009, SunWiz has helped 1200+ Solar Businesses prosper by providing market-leading data analytics, and through software services on the OpenSolar platform.

With our Guidance Tools, we bring the power of advanced data analytics and insider wisdom to Solar Businesses of all sizes. 


Why Guidance?

Imagine knowing exactly what to do in your solar business.
Imagine never making a mistake again.

Guidance stops mistakes like these:

  • You’ve run out of stock
  • You’ve got too much stock
  • You’ve wondered if charging less would increase sales enough to raise profits
  • You’ve wondered if you could be charging more, and wondered if doing so would harm conversion.
  • You’ve wondered if you should be stepping on the gas or jamming on the brakes, and you can’t decide which

Guidance Instead gets you Flying like a Top Gun, with these instruments to guide you:

  • The optimal margin to add, price to charge, and conversion rate to target that’ll maximise your profitability
  • The optimal products-places-people-segments-sources to concentrate on for maximum sales
  • How well you’re performing compared to everyone else
  • What lays ahead, so you can navigate around it
  • The optimal approach to your business trajectory
  • Expert Training 
  • Sales Motivators

This Solar Business Elevation framework is useful. Consider it like a tripod, with Guidance, Differentiate, and Automate as three legs that work in conjunction. 


If you don’t differentiate your business, then your gross profit on each sale will get swallowed up not leaving enough leftover to support your business goals.


If you don’t automate, your gross profit will be squandered within your time-consuming, tedious and error-prone internal operations; and you’ll always be stuck in first gear. 


If you don’t have guidance, the bottom-line profit you do make won’t last as you’ll be making sub-optimal decisions.

You can now book a call with SunWiz to find out which product is right with you! Click below to book a call with an expert and find out what we can offer to boost your Solar Business!


What Does Guidance Look Like?

There’s three aspects to good guidance

  1. Inner Vision (Business Analytics):
    • Focus attention on your business’ important KPIs.
    • Concentrate your resources where they deliver most bang for buck.
  2. Radar (Market Analytics):
    • Avoid squandering your profits with wise strategic and operational decisions
    • Stay ahead of the pack by harnessing trends as they emerge
    • Discover your business’ performance compared to the market
  3. Coach (Expert Coaching):
    • Get clarity and certainty, using expert advice tailored to your business
    • Gain an edge on the competition through collaboration with fostered colleagues

Read more about each below, including visual demonstrations.

  • Track your performance & watch it grow
  • Identify underperforming parts of your business, freeing you up to concentrate on your best  performers.
  • Discover how your conversion rate & margin compares to the market, to optimise your business model.
  • Uncover the real prices being charged, dissolving pressures to offer absurd discounts.
  • Reduce your time-to-profit by accelerating fulfilment speed
  • Many more brilliant benefits and golden nuggets of wisdom 

Business Analytics is offered for free to OpenSolar users, and is included in each of our SunBiz Advisor services.

  • Enlighten: step off the hamster wheel when you have revealed the optimal mix of levers and settings required to achieve business success of the magnitude you desire. 
  • Foresight: know whether to gun it or if you should ease on the brakes with real-time understanding of lead volumes across the nation.
  • Priceright: price your systems smart by knowing the prices being charged by hundreds of anonymised solar companies.
  • Score: Understand where you rank & use this as sales collateral, plus  track how successful you’ve been compared to the overall market, and which growth segments you should be targeting
  • Targets – concentrate your efforts in the locations most likely to deliver you sales, with charts and maps that reveal where you’ve got greatest success
  • Top Sellers: identifies the brands of panels and inverters that are most popular in the market
  • Hindsight: understand what’s happening with the broader market
  • Top Converters: Best converting products-segments-sources across the market
  • Trends in Pricing, Conversion Rate & Margins

Access invaluable guidance from the business that best understands the market. With:

  • Unique insights into the business models that work best out in the real world.
  • Problem solving and sage advice during one-on-one coaching from SunWiz’s leading experts
  • Curated group calls with non-competing colleagues enabling you to learn from one another.


  • SunBiz Enlighten – Business Model Assessment & Guidance 
  • Monthly Group Q&A with SunWiz Experts & Special Guests
  • Quarterly 1-on-1 call with a SunWiz Expert.

Want Sales Coaching too? See Sales Guru

Solar Businesses that receive Guidance from SunWiz consistently achieve outstanding results and value!


SunBiz Advisor provides Business Analytics for free to OpenSolar users!




SunBiz Advisor
  • Inner Vision*
  • Benchmark (AU)
  • Radar (AU)
  • Coach (AU)


SunBiz Advisor
$ 100 per month
  • Inner Vision*
  • Benchmark (AU)
  • Radar (AU)
  • Coach (AU)


SunBiz Advisor
$ 500 per month
  • Inner Vision*
  • Benchmark (AU)
  • Radar (AU)
  • Coach (AU)

All prices excluding GST.
*Inner Vision (Business Analytics) is available for OpenSolar users only.  

Want more Guidance for your Solar Business?

You can couple SunBiz Advisor with Sales Guru, a service that keeps your sales staff up-to-date with training resources and monthly meetings. 

Sales Guru is delivered in collaboration with Dean Mannix, Australia’s leading sales coach for Solar Businesses.

You can now book a call with SunWiz to find out which product is right with you! Click below to book a call with an expert and find out what we can offer to boost your Solar Business!

Is my OpenSolar Data Safe?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us at SunWiz. We have respected and protected user privacy since we started, and we guarantee that your data is a 100% safe with us and we are trusted by industry leaders across the board.

your data is safe with SunWiz SunBiz Advisor
  • We will not sell your customer details as leads
  • In fact, we will never disclose any personal information, customer details, or identify your business to anyone else.
  • When we do compare business across the market, we do so without identifying anyone, at an aggregate level. You can verify this by downloading our sample report
  • You can terminate SunWiz’s access to your OpenSolar account, and your data is wiped from our secure server
  • Its all covered in full glorious detail in our Privacy Policy
  1. SunWiz has been entrusted by over 1400 leading solar retailers with details of over 60,000 customers, as the developer of PVsell.
  2. SunWiz is the only company trusted by leading battery manufacturers with confidential sales figures for our exclusive Battery Market Report, and we regularly handle confidential business data for a wide range of leading solar companies.
  3. Warwick Johnston has personally been elected or appointed to many positions of leadership, including the board of the Clean Energy Council and an industry representative to Solar Victoria.
  4. SunWiz has been vetted by OpenSolar and earned a status of Expert Partner and Exclusive Training Provider.
  5. Personally, Warwick Johnston has received recommendations on his LinkedIn profile from numerous solar industry leaders including Nigel Morris, John Grimes, Mark Twidell, Geoff Bragg, Tristan Edis, Stefan Jarnasan and more.