Grow market share with retailer partners using luminate - here's how

Using Luminate to Grow Market Share through Retailer Partners


June 2023

If you’re providing equipment or services to the solar industry, you’ll be selling to retailers. Solar retailers have an incredible influence over end-customers, with surveys revealing customers tend to trust recommendations from retailers in their choice of equipment, more than any other factor.

So to grow and sustain your business, you need a direct connection with solar retailers, whether you’re a wholesaler, manufacturer, or service provider.

SunWiz offers information that helps you identify ideal customers and track their growth. We provide precise data on the size of over 400 leading retailer, plus accurate size indicators for hundreds more. We identify new solar businesses, helping our clients reach lock-in new business deals before others. And we identify high-growth retailers, which enables your business to grow with theirs.

This article runs through a demonstration of how Luminate can be used to grow market share of wholesalers & manufacturers by partnering with the right retailers.

Partner with high volume retailers

Top 50 retailers nationally

Top 50 solar retailers installers australia
This chart highlights the largest retailers in the STC market. It also shows which retailers have been growing recently. (You’ll notice some end with an asterisk, these are companies that submit their STC records to SunWiz to claim their place on the leaderboard).

Another article provides Victorian high volume ESS retailers. A separate article provides Top Commercial Retailers (including LGC retailers).

Partnering with high-volume retailers is a great way of growing your business.

  1. Scan over this list to identify which of these retailers you don’t currently have a relationship with.
  2. Learn more about their historical registration volume and location in the Register of all STC Creating Retailers.
  3. Reach out to those retailers using our Register of All Retailers.

You can also concentrate on top retailers by segment, and top retailers by state, again in the  high volume retailers article.

Partner with the fastest growing retailers

Fastest growing retailers

This chart identifies the Top 20 retailers by volume, of those retailers with 2months consecutive growth.

Partnering with high-growth retailers is a great way to grow your business.

  1. Scan over this list to identify which of these retailers you don’t currently have a relationship with.
  2. Reach out to those retailers using our Register of All Retailers.

Partner with new retailers

Volumes of retailers newly creating STCs

This chart identifies the volume and location of retailers that have just started creating STCs. You can also look through our list of recent business registrations in the same article.

Partnering with new retailers is a great way to entrench your products/services in their business before anyone else gets to them. Reach out to those retailers using our Register of All Retailers.

Track your share of wallet of your customers

Compare your volume to their total volume

This data table is downloadable for those with access to Luminate. Compare the capacity of product you sell to each retailer to their total monthly registration volume (i.e. your share of wallet for each customer).

Tracking your share of wallet helps you grow by increasing your volume for key customers. If your volume supplied is steady but they are growing, this indicates you’re actually falling behind. Consider what you can do to increase your share of wallet.

High Volume Vic PV/ESS Retailers

Identify leaders and laggards, plus growth or contraction

This chart plots the monthly volume and trend of leading Victorian ESS retailers

Top Commercial Retailers

For those targeting products or services towards the commercial segment

If you’re targeting the commercial PV segment, SunWiz’s data identifies leaders in each category, across STC and LGC projects.


Register of All STC Retailers

The figures you need on every company that registered STCs

This interactive dashboard allows you to inspect the volumes registered nationally and in each state, annually and monthly, for any company that has registered its own STCs