Focussing on Commercial PV pays off for Todae Solar in 2017

Amongst all the businesses selling solar power systems, there are only a few dozen that focus exclusively on selling commercial systems. And it’s no wonder, considering the comparative ease of residential sales. So, when an exclusively-commercial solar company sells so much volume that they outrank the many hundreds if not thousands of businesses focussed upon residential sales, its newsworthy.


After leading the sales of commercial PV systems in the sub-100kW range (where installations are easy to track through the STC registry) in 2015 and 2016, Todae Solar appeared to be slipping down the ranks of sub-100kW commercial sales in early 2017. However, conversation with Todae Solar’s directors illustrated that their focus in 2017 was no longer in sub-100kW installations but rather in systems over 100kW. Because systems over 100kW aren’t registered in the same database as sub-100kW systems – tracking system installations greater than 100kW actually also requires a lot of manual assessment – when SunWiz performed end-of-year analysis on 2017 commercial installations across both size ranges, we were surprised to discover the extent of Todae Solar’s success in commercial sales in 2017.

What we conclude about Todae Solar’s installations of commercial PV in Australia in 2017

  1. Todae Solar commissioned 10.9MW of commercial installations over 100kW in 2017. Todae Solar rank #1 nationally for total capacity and number of commercial installations above 100kW in 2017.
  2. Todae Solar registered 4.7MW of PV installations in the 10-100kW size range in 2017. This ranks them fifth nationally for commercial sales in the 10-100kW range in 2017
  3. Of this, 4.3MW was in the 30-100kW size range. This ranks Todae Solar third nationally for commercial sales in the 30-100kW range in 2017
  4. When you combine analysis across the 75-100kW and >100kW, we find that Todae Solar rank #1 nationally for sales of commercial systems 75kW and greater in 2017

Perhaps the greatest testament to their success in selling commercial PV is that their 2017 tally of 15.2MW ranks Todae Solar sixth nationally for total volume, installing more than most companies that were primarily focussed on residential PV.