Finding your “golden” list of prospects

This is the fourth article in our Commercial Solar Success Series.

What’s a “golden” list of commercial solar prospects worth? Imagine if you could take thousands of leads and filter all the bad ones out in an instant, leaving only the most interested prospects for you to sell to. What a difference that would make to your success in the commercial sector right? But how do you get a “golden” list of commercial solar leads? It’s not as easy as getting a tele-marketing campaign running to call every business in the yellow pages! You need to be smart about it.

Find out which businesses are buying solar panels, which regions (within your service area) are buying solar systems and which of those businesses fall within your “natural network”. The process of filtering this list can be tough and time-consuming. Luckily SunWiz give you this list as part of their ProfitVoltaics commercial suite of services.

Industries that are buying

Imagine you have a list of 10 business types you could target for commercial solar. How do you know which of these 10 is going to have the best hit-rate and the most profit? One thing to look at is how many similar businesses have invested in solar. Peer investment is a very powerful psychological sales tool and can mean many more sales and much higher profits for you!

If you go ahead and target all 10 of these business types, you would need to launch a broad marketing campaign and spend money reaching many industries who simply won’t be interested in what you’re offering. The alternative of course is to find the 2 – 3 industries which have been buying solar and focus every bit of your sales and marketing efforts on getting them across the line. You’ll spend 1/3 of the time and resources and more than likely end up with triple the results.

businesses that buy solar

Areas that are buying

Finding out which areas are buying is part of the process of narrowing down a “golden” list of prospects. By targeting those areas which have a high uptake of PV systems, you’re already ahead of the game.

Businesses matching your natural network

Your “natural network” is one of the most powerful parts of intelligent targeting. As part of SunWiz’s ProfitVoltaics suite of services, we help you narrow down the hottest industries and locations and then filter only the businesses which are naturally inclined to buy from you. The result is a highly qualified list of commercial prospects that you will find much easier to sell to than a scatter-gun list.

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