ESS Lesson #5: Which brand you choose makes all the difference.

When researching our annual Battery Market Report, we found it fascinating to see how many manufacturers are present in a quite small market.

Eveready, Energizer, Duracell are some big name battery brands that have appeared in the market in recent years. But none competes with Telas’ brand recognition when it comes to home energy storage. And as our resident Sales Guru Dean Mannix pointed out, LG dealers had the heavy lifting done for them when it came to convincing customers of the strength of their product.

Who you choose makes all the difference, so how do you evaluate who to choose. SunWiz & EUPD Research survey the installers & retailers for InstallerMonitor, and show the top features are quality and guarantee conditions. The major brands vary considerably in how well they rate on those factors.

Then there’s market share – do you go with a dominant brand, or choose a less-well known brand. Our analysis of market share shows quite a concentration in market share for the leading players, where 16% of brands capture 80% of the business.

There’s a load more information on leading brands in our Annual Battery Report.

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