ESS Lesson #3: Get good at selling VPPs

We recently recommended getting good at selling batteries. SunWiz research shows you should also get good at selling the benefits of VPPs.

SunWiz ran over 2000 hourly simulations of financial benefits from a range of PV and storage sizes for varying consumption profiles in each state. This chart shows the 1st-year ROI (inverse of payback period) for a range of battery sizes in each state. The blue lines show unsubsidized ROI are always worse for PV+storage systems than they are for PV-only systems, and larger batteries produce poorer ROIs in most states. 

The inclusion of a government storage subsidy can improve the ROI to some degree. The benefits of a VPP (here we model Simply Energy’s VPP) can also independently improve the ROI. In SA the combination of subsidy and VPP payment mean the 1st-year ROI is commonly 17.5% (5.7 year payback). 

Victoria’s government subsidy increases when you participate in a VPP, meaning the combination of both can dramatically improve the financial outcome. In this case we show the combined PV-storage system ROI can commonly be as high as 13.5% (7.4 year payback).

To help you selling VPPs, the full report includes information on VPP customer demographics and purchasing motivations. We also include a detailed list of all available VPPs.

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