ESS Lesson #2: Get good at selling storage.

The chart below shows analysis of Solar Victoria 2021 rebate approvals for batteries (vertical) and PV systems (horizontal) for the top 20 battery retailers. Each data point is a single retailer, and the colour shows the ratio of Battery to PV rebates for that retailer. 

The chart illustrates the leading battery retailers tended to install far more batteries than they did PV.

The lesson from this is: rather than selling a lot of low-price PV systems in an intensely competitive market, if you get good at selling batteries you can do less work, get bigger ticket sales, at higher margin. Other SunWiz data shows the conversion rate on battery proposals isn’t far off the win rate for PV proposals – so its not as difficult a sale as you may think. 
Meantime battery manufacturers and wholesalers should get good at partnering with these retailers.

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