eRET Saw Tooth REC Price Webinar

What will the REC Price be in 2011?

Want a better REC Price that your REC agent is offering?

SunWiz can help!

WEBINAR SOLD OUT – BUT YOU CAN STILL DOWNLOAD THE SLIDES. UPDATE: SunWiz’s ClearView upgrade now replaces this service.

In self-explanatory slides from this special webinar, using graphs and examples, SunWiz will:

  • Understanding the Clearing House Operation, explained in easy-to-understand terms
  • Explain why REC agents won’t be offering you $40/REC
  • Describe ways to address the challenges of balancing cash flow and “cost-of-carry”
  • Identify risks faced in the Clearing House operation, including underflow, overflow, and ORER processing delay
  • Detail strategies to get a REC price up to $3 better
  • Forecast the Clearing House overflow/underflow periods in 2011
  • Predict the REC Price throughout 2011
  • Help you decide whether to sell 2010 RECs now or to wait until 2011.

WEBINAR SOLD OUT – BUT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE SLIDES. UPDATE: SunWiz’s ClearView upgrade now replaces this service.

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Will the REC Price be flat, saw-toothed, or plunging?

REC Price STC Price Sawtooth

diving REC price STC price

HINT – It’s even more complex than this!

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