Direct Solar Wholesaler is a Best Rated Company for 2024

The installation of thousands of solar panels within a single year stands as a remarkable achievement for any solar company. Such a feat not only underscores a significant level of success but also underscores the company’s credibility, deserving recognition.

Since 2009, SunWiz has diligently monitored every solar power system installed across Australia, meticulously documenting the involvement of each solar company in these installations. As the indisputable authority on solar market volumes, our data is extensively referenced by corporations, non-governmental organizations, and governmental bodies alike.

After thorough analysis of the solar installations that occurred in 2023, SunWiz has found the following to be true:

  • Direct Solar Wholesaler is in the Top 20 Companies for being Best Rated in the All Star category based on 83 customer reviews averaging 4.98 stars.

About Direct Solar Wholesaler

Direct Solar Wholesaler Energy Group is a national wide renewable energy solar and battery company.

We carry most of the quality brands in the market from panels to inverters and battery storage and supply to Australian residential and commercial customers which are specifically tailored to their individual needs which at the best ‘true cost’ of power over 25 years. While providing our clients with flexibility, based on their needs and budget.

At Direct Solar Wholesaler Energy Group, there is no pressure sale on brands, you do your own research , choose your trusted brands based on your budget or ask for recommendation if you don’t have idea, but all brands we carry are from industry’s bench mark to premium.

At Direct Solar Wholesaler Energy Group, there is no inferior installation, we only use high qualified CEC accredited solar and battery installer, guarantee quality installation.

At Direct Solar Wholesaler Energy Group ,we believe that creating your own clean, renewable energy should be one of the most exciting and meaningful investments you ever make. That’s why we are here to make your solar journey easy and rewarding.