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Unleash the Power of Data in partnership with SunWiz

SunWiz earned a long-standing reputation as the Market Intel provider-of-choice to the Australian solar & storage industry.

Now we’re expanding our market-leading unique offering to the world.

Your Data is probably Underutilized.

 Data is powerful, but only when it’s harnessed.

Even if your data is used within your business, you’re lacking all-important context if you’re not benchmarking your data. You might be growing, while falling behind the market.

Data sharing models have proven their value in conventional energy. That’s because combining multiple datasets truly unleashes the data’s impact. Now it’s time the solar&storage industry reaped the benefits of data sharing.

As a trusted independent market analyst SunWiz has developed the unique formula that leads to better business decisions & improves product-market fit across the entire supply chain.

"We would like to thank SunWiz again, as our sales have grown 6 times larger than back to the old days when we did not buy from SunWiz."

-Rex Wang | Marketing Specialist
Growatt Energy

Data Sharing Explained

The high-level concept is:

  1. you provide us data,
  2. in return we benchmark that data to the broader market,
  3. enabling you to understand what you’re excelling in and
  4. where you can best concentrate your efforts to further improve.

Your Data can benefit your clients too

Are you using data to help your clients grow? SunWiz can provide your clients with a value-added service that utilizes SunWiz’s multitude of datasets.

Here’s what data partnership can do:

Grow your business:

Grow your clients by:

Let's Go, Partner!

Take the next step in unleashing the power of your data, in partnership with SunWiz. 

Key Examples: How Data Sharing Helps Businesses

Example simple partner report

We can also provide examples of more detailed partner reports for software and finance providers.

Parts in Partnership

You send us:

What you send us depends upon the role you play in the industry, and the information you collect, and the information you’d like to know.
For example, this could include some or all of the following:

  • Lead generator: your number of leads generated by locality by month.
  • Finance provider: your number of jobs financed by locality by month by (non-disclosed) installer. Plus the amount financed, equipment used, rate & term.
  • Software provider: number of projects created by locality by month by (non-disclosed) installer. Plus the equipment used, price, information on how it was financed. Additional information of use can be the sales success rate, cancellation rate, days-to-sale and days-to-install.

You get in return:

What we send you depends upon the information you send us. This could include:

  • Your volume compared to the volume of all other combined similar companies and/or to the entire industry, by state.
    • Answers: where are you growing faster and where are you falling behind?
  • Your finance characteristics compared to the finance characteristics across all data sources we gather.
    • Answers: what opportunities are you good at leveraging/ missing out on?
  • Your average sale price and battery attachment rate vs that of the broader market.
    • Claim: to deliver more revenue for your clients.
  • Your average proposal-to-sale conversion rate and job cancellation rate compared to the broader industry.
    • Claim: you result in more sales, or reduced cancellation rates.
  • Your average proposal-to-sale delay and sale-to-installation delay.
    • Claim: you deliver jobs & profit faster than the industry average.
  • Your product characteristics (size, manufacturers) compared to the broader mix of product characteristics.
    • May help you understand the impact your company has upon manufacturers and/or form marketing partnerships.

We also ensure what you send us doesn’t identify you to other parties, and vice-versa.

Let's Go, Partner!

Take the next step in unleashing the power of your data, in partnership with SunWiz. 

Mission: WHY we do this

To meaningfully address climate change, the entire solar industry has to go 5x faster. We can’t afford to lose momentum as a result of poor decisions. Decision makers in product design, stock allocation, software development, employment, and installers all need to be well-informed. 

SunWiz has proven an impressive Australian dataset helps make the industry bigger faster and more efficient. Data partnerships have been key to going beyond “what just happened”, to provide a complete picture of “why did that just happen” and “what’s about to happen next”.

The Industry benefits from SunWiz helping:

  • equipment manufacturers and distributors have the right amount of stock
  • finance providers offer products that meet customer needs
  • manufacturers design equipment that’s compatible and meets local needs
  • manufacturers understand why they’re losing market share
  • lead generators make solar more popular
  • salespeople close more deals
  • installers price optimally
  • businesses reduce cancellation rates
  • businesses reduce the wait for job installation

In short: Data partnerships deliver greater understanding, which leads to swifter growth of the solar & storage industry.

Attract More Clients With Data

Attract more clients by offering them a SunWiz-curated data service. Incorporate SunWiz’s market data

OR (Even Better)

Provide an invaluable business analytics service using your client’s data to boost their business velocity volume & profit.

Check an example out below

Why Trust SunWiz:

Our partnership business model

  1. Provide incredible value to our data partners. 
  2. Do not charge our data partners for the benchmarking service. 
  3. Recover costs for thought-leadership services and intel services provided to your clients.
  4. Where our broader dataset provides value to our data partners, offer those analytics at a discounted price.
  5. Where possible, monetize the multi-party blended anonymised aggregated datasets by providing information on industry trends, market share, switching behavior, product-market fit, etc. Manufacturers, distributors, finance providers, and investors are often interested in aggregated metrics.
Solar Data Partnerships Model

Let's Go, Partner!

Take the next step in unleashing the power of your data, in partnership with SunWiz. 

Become a thought leader

You can use SunWiz’s independent analysis to become a thought leader in your space. Attract clients to your platform with impactful information. An example is provided below. 

Here’s how we work: WITH you & FOR you

We work with you to: 

  1. Understand the datapoints you collect
  2. Consider what use they could be to your business if benchmarked against similar datapoints from other parties or the total market. 
  3. Consider what datapoints could help your clients operate their business better
  4. Consider what datapoints could be turned into thought-leadership articles that promote your business
  5. Consider what datapoints would be of value to the broader industry

We simplify the data exploration process. We inspect your database schema and propose database queries that will provide the data tables we need. This near-eliminates the establishment effort required of you.

We then review a data sample you provide us, and provide feedback before the full dataset is exchanged.

We provide you a proposed data partner agreement for review by your business. That agreement ensures your privacy and security requirements are documented, and that our verbal agreements are written down for future reference. We’ll accommodate the changes you request. This agreement can be formalized at any stage in the process that you prefer.

Monthly Reporting

Each month you send us your updated dataset. We collate the information and send you your intel datapack.

Quarterly Consulting 

Each quarter we have a conversation about what we’re seeing in the market and how you’re positioned in it.

Let's Go, Partner!

Take the next step in unleashing the power of your data, in partnership with SunWiz. 

Market Intelligence Excels Business Insightful

Having insight in the market is valuable allowing you to identify risks and capitalize on your profits