Cutting the queue and reaching the boss

This is the sixth article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

Have you ever wondered how you can get straight to the decision-maker when selling commercial solar? It’s not always as easy as it sounds, but it’s crucial to succeeding in commercial. If you haven’t yet worked out a strategy to bypass the receptionist “gate-keeper” and give a compelling proposal pitch to the person who matters the most, you’re probably doomed for very low sales volumes in commercial. SunWiz have thought long and hard about this – and we have a few really effective solutions which means your voice gets heard by the right people, giving you an edge and a chance to win more high-profit sales.


The classic “gate-keeper” problem

We’ve all been there. You come up with a strategy, formulate a list of targets, hit the phones and get “he’s in a meeting at the moment, can I take a message?”. It’s a classic problem, but not one that can’t be overcome with a bit of creative, intelligent marketing genius! Most people stop here, and those who don’t usually get the same rejection over and over and over again. So how can you cut past the receptionist (so to speak) and get your foot in the door and a compelling solar sales proposal on the table? There are several ways to do this, some are based around “immersion” and others are more intelligent and direct. As part of SunWiz’s ProfitVoltaics suite of products, we offer a highly targeted, direct gateway method of reaching decision makers quickly and easily.

Advanced marketing to reach the people you need to

Using the same marketing tactics in commercial as you would in residential just isn’t going to work. The market is completely different and the biggest problem for many solar businesses is the simple matter of contacting the right people. If you want your business to evolve and adapt to the changing solar market, you need an evolution in your marketing strategies. An advanced marketing strategy, combined with a highly targeted, “golden” list yields excellent results. We can get your message directly in front of the “boss” so you don’t have to scratch at the front door, constantly turned away by the gate-keeper. Ask us about how ProfitVoltaics can help you reach more decision-makers to sky-rocket your commercial solar success.

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