Crucial reasons to get mid-year updates on the battery market

We described in our recent post showed the immense amount of effort we go to, together with our data partners, in order to calculate the ESS market size each year.  We dedicate an entire month to interviewing and collecting data from most significant manufacturers, state governments, finance providers, VPP operators, plus AEMO.
It’s only practical to expend that effort once per year. That’s why we produce an annual report.
Anyone who’s worked in the solar & storage industry knows how much can change in the space of 12 months. Well-executed strategic and operational decisions depend upon regularly updated information.
That’s why SunWiz also produces a monthly battery market subscription that complements our annual report. In it we draw upon regularly-updated data sources to provide insight into the trends that unfold across the course of the year.
Use these links to view the content it covers, which encompasses:
So if you’re keen to keep up to date, a subscription is for you.