Commercial PV Australia - the Market

Opportunities in Commercial PV in Australia are exploding after many decades of dormancy, with the sector likely to represent more than 50% of installed capacity within five years. Recently-released market intelligence can assist companies aspiring to be major players in commercial PV to understand the scale of opportunity, solve diverse new challenges and be positioned to take advantage of sweet spots in the market.

SolarBusinessServices and SunWiz Consulting are proud to announce the release of their latest Intelligence Report: “The Market for Commercial PV in Australia 2011-2016”. This detailed analysis tracks historical trends and applies most recent data to delineate sub segments for Commercial PV in all regions of Australia. 

Current market statistics and future forecasts with comparison scenarios are provided. Highlight topics of the Report include:

  • Market forecasts
  • Segmentation
  • Target markets
  • Pioneer’s insights

The Australian Commercial PV market is unique worldwide. In contrast to European mega-projects and America’s megawatt warehouse roofs, the Australian commercial PV market is projected to grow organically and more sustainably, due to its unsubsidised nature.

This detailed 85 page report includes dozens of crucial graphs and tables describing the market, thought provoking commentary and key data sets and advice on how to target key market segments. Completed in December 2011, this report is critical reading for companies who are developing business strategies within the Australian solar market.

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  • Executive summary
  • Introduction to Commercial PV
    • Market definition
    • Market sub segments
  • Market Potential
    • Existing capacity
    • Forecast by segment
    • Forecast by state
    • Long term potential
  • Key Market Drivers
    • Contestability
    • Carbon price
    • Grid Parity
  • Key Market Issues
    • Industry and network capacity
    • Regulations
    • Finance and bankability
  • International Comparison
    • Australia v the world
    • International PV price
    • Key technologies
  • Conclusions and summary

Bonus Contents

The report also includes the following bonus data at no additional cost:

  • Best Industries to target
  • What to remember when talking big PV
  • What PV pioneers say
  • Tools and techniques
  • ABS data on key Commercial market statistics
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