ClearView: Monthly STC Market Intelligence


Australian STC Market Intelligence by SunWiz

ClearView gives you absolute clarity on what’s going on with the STC market. SunWiz experts analyse trading activity and send you reports so that you can take advantage of opportunities that arise. There is no better way to ensure that you’re STC trading is as healthy as it possibly can be!

Manage Your STC Risks to help get a better STC price!

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Predict The Market

If you could predict which way the market was going to move, imagine what a difference it would make to your business. STCs often make up a large percentage of the profit of solar businesses, so why leave it to chance?

Identify Opportunities

Easily spot potential business partners and customers by identifying who trades with who and in what volumes. See which businesses are worth working with and stay away from potentially “dangerous” ones.

What Does ClearView Do For You?

ClearView offers an unparalleled view into the STC market in Australia. You get regular updates on everything that has gone on in the market. Our powerful ClearView On Demand upgrade also provides the ability to query the history and current position of any creator or trader on the market!

Spot The Best Deal

Free Information: STC Price Comparison Remember that price is only one aspect of selecting a preferred STC agent. Also consider service, stability, and solvency.
Provider Price Date
Green Energy $37.50 23 Oct 2019
RET * $38.60 10 Feb 2015
Spot $39.95 11 Oct 2015
Orange $33.10 11 Apr 2013
Solar Trade $37.00 2 Sep 2013
Greenbank $34.00 16 Nov 2019
COzero $35.00 6 Dec 2017
Trade in Green $38.20 12 Aug 2016
Clearing House $30.00 3 Oct 2018
AEX $22.00 16 Nov 2019
Powerark $37.20 14 Jun 2017
Emerging Energy $38.70 19 Apr 2018
*Note that RET deducts $1 for PV, and price is at date of payment, which can be weeks after form submission.

Get Better Outcomes

businesses that buy solar

Your weekly interactive dashboard with monthly Market Synopsis explains:

  • Liable entities’ Trades & Ownership vs. Liability
  • Strategies used by major creators and traders
  • Competitive opportunities to buy STCs from out-positioned players
  • Trends & projections nationally – by player & state
  • 15 pages of graphs each week and a monthly synopsis email summarizing the major movement in creation, trading, and holdings by major players
  • Monthly analysis
  • …and more


  • View historical information
  • See comparisons of creation vs requirements
  • See projections for coming months
  • Forecast STC excess
  • Access your own interactive dashboards
  • Stay up-to-date on STC market movements

ClearView will add many tens of thousands of dollars in value to any smart PV business. Make a smart investment towards your success and subscribe now.

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A great deal at $6,500/year

An essential investment for your business, delivered weekly and accessible in online interactive dashboards:

Prices exclude GST. ClearView is based upon REC Registry information.