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This graph shows up-to-date and historical information on the number of STCs in the queue on any given day, the number that have been registered but not added to the queue, and the total number of STCs that have been or about to be created (except those that have been deemed invalid). Obviously there is a (~3 week) lag between creating STCs and having them registered, which explains why the green line leads the orange line. Not all STCs are placed into the queue, for good reason – most of the STC demand will be met by off-market trading.

You can project these levels out to the end of the next quarter (28/4/2011) if you like, or subscribe to ClearView Foresight to obtain information on running totals, projections, and a monthly report. This can help you better manage your STC portfolio, obtain a better price and lower your exposure to risk of delayed payment or non-payment.

The following graph shows the total amount of STCs created in recent quarters, by their status.