ClearView on STC Oversupply

Today: 2010’s STC requirement met in less than half a year! But great opportunities remain to Trade Direct with Liable Entities

It’s official. Today, 28million STCs had been created or were in the process of validation. Long before required on 14/2/2012, enough STCs have been created today (or are pending creation) to last almost another 8 months. And there’s no sign of abating yet, with Q3 requirements of STCs already all-but-filled from registered STCs. Little wonder the STC price is so attrocious.

The Good News:

SunWiz’s ClearView subscribers are getting fantastic insights into the STC Market that are strategically helping them get a better position on STCs. If you want to keep in the know, or to find a liable entity to deal direct with, then this is the information you need. Prices start from $675 per quarter (ex GST) – and call me to discuss obtaining information on Liable Entity’s purchasing habits.

Here’s a sample of information contained in the pack that’s sent out weekly to subscribers:

  • Annual requirement of 28M STCs reached today! (includes pending registration)
  • Q3 Requirement of 22.4M STCs to be reached this week! (for fully-registered STCs)
  • A massive week for STC Creation (slide 5, 2.4M STCs), 33% higher than the previous record breaking week.
  • Queensland further accelerates away from the NSW Plateau. (slide 6). WA doubles to almost match NSW.
  • Almost 5M STCs pending creation but ORER still keeping to 4 week timeframe (slide 8).
  • As predicted, 28M before end of June (slide 11), with ORER auditing delay ensuring 23.8M will be reached within days  and 28M registered by 28/7 (slide 11).
  • Plus more on entity’s STC holdings vs calculated liabilities, STC creation trends, use of the Clearing House, and much much more

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