ClearView Foresight

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This graph shows historical and current STC levels, with automatic projections of future creation levels. The Automatic Projections are naiive – in all likelihood, STC creation will ramp up towards the end of the quarter.

This graph shows up-to-date and historical information on the number of STCs in the queue on any given day, the number that have been registered but not added to the queue, and the total number of STCs that have been or about to be created (except those that have been deemed invalid). Obviously there is a (~3 week) lag between creating STCs and having them registered, which explains why the green line leads the orange line. Not all STCs are placed into the queue, for good reason – most of the STC demand will be met by off-market trading.

This graph shows cumulative STC creation by Status, as recorded at in weekly intervals. It shows the growth of STCs, and where growth has come from.

This graph shows weekly differences in the STC levels, for each category. An increase in registered RECs indicates that ORER is catching up with a backlog. An increase in Pending Registration indicates that STCs are being created faster than ORER can process them.