Big PV Wisdom

Inside information on Commercial PV

Get the edge on the competition in commercial solar. This SunWiz-exclusive report contains unprecedented information on what contributes to a successful commercial PV operation. Drawing upon over 3000 PV proposals from over 200 Australian anonymous PV businesses, this report is the missing link in your understanding of the commercial PV market.

  • Understand what financial outcomes are common, and how to improve financial outcome.
  • Learn how to quote an outcome that is profitable and enticing for a customer and profitable to the PV retailer.
  • Comprehend the usage of finance and what constitutes a competitive financial offer
  • Grasp the real value of solar as a hedge against rising electricity prices

The extended report contains 18 dashboards with 54 charts to help you succeed in commercial PV sales. Each chart is explained and contextualised, helping focus you on the pertinent messages and enabling you to apply insights to your business.


  1. Typical electricity consumption levels and what it means for system sizing
  2. The range of electricity prices encountered and their impact upon financial viability
  3. The true value of solar energy as a hedge, and how it relates to payback
  4. What finance term and rate is required to be competitive
  5. How payback varies by size, system price, and electricity price
  6. What most influences upon financial return


  1. The most popular and financially successful system sizes
  2. Most common panel orientation & tilt angle
  3. Typical ranges for commercial system pricing
  4. Ongoing costs for system O&M
  5. Rule-of-thumb export levels and solar energy contribution
  6. Why post-tax analysis is frequently required

Price: $990 ex GST. PVsell subscribers who have received part one of the report are entitled to a 40% discount on the extended report.

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This report contains digital rights protection. Licensed use is restricted to the purchaser and up to five users in their company. PVsell users must not have opted-out of statistics in order to qualify for the ‘upgrade’ discount.