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Australia is a world-leading market for Solar & Storage installations. Australia has over 3 million solar installations, with over 30% of homes hosting a PV system. It’s no wonder Australia has the most amount of solar power installed per capita. We’re also a top-three market for storage system installations.

Australia’s industry is full of highly experienced people who have tried and tested thousands of products over the past decades. Local tradespeople and technicians quickly identify the products that are suited to our market – those that aren’t decent are unsuccessful and soon leave the country.

It’s also a very competitive market. Success locally is a testament to having the right mix of price, quality, service, value, and technical ability.

Getting to the top of the leaderboard is therefore worth celebrating. It demonstrates a brand has got what it takes to be popular. If a brand can remain on the leaderboard for multiple years, then that brand can rightfully claim to be the Best Solar Panel in Australia, Best Solar Inverter in Australia, or Best Energy Storage System (Battery) in Australia.

These are Australia’s Top Solar Brands for 2021.

SunWiz is the authority on Manufacturer volumes in Australia

How can SunWiz state with confidence these brands are the Top Brands in Australia?

SunWiz is Australia’s primary source of market analytics for the Solar & Storage industry. We’ve been collating market information since 2009 and most of the leading solar businesses subscribe to our analytics.
We collect information from many data partners that together encompass a large portion of the total installations that occur each month. No other market analyst has collated such a dataset. From this we are able to make a confident assessment of which are the top volume brands. We don’t have complete coverage and we’re willing to be proven wrong (in which case we’ll note it here and amend our ranks)

Does SunWiz claim these the Best Solar Brands in Australia?
Well we can’t say for sure that these are the best solar brands in Australia. What we know is these brands had the most volume installed in Australia that year. They’re Top Volume Brands, if you like. And to get on the Top Volume leaderboard, you must have a whole lot going for you.
But different people have different needs, so what’s the most popular brand doesn’t necessarily mean its right for you. For example, more budget vehicles are sold than luxury cars… even though luxury cars are often the best in their category. Any time you label something ‘best’, that’s a judgement call which is subjective. What we can measure is Australia’s Top Volume Solar brands, so that’s why we state that they’re the Top Solar Brands, but not necessarily the best



#1 Panel Manufacturer

Top Panel Manufacturers

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It is worth noting that LG Electronics held the 5th position but have exited the market



#1 Inverter Manufacturer

Top Inverter Manufacturers

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It is worth noting that 3 brands shared the 4th rank in 2021.