Best Rated Solar Retailers 2023

Which is the best solar retailer in Australia?

As a consumer, it can be hard to know which company to choose, and that decision takes into consideration many factors.

It’s difficult to judge who is the best solar retailer for any consumer, considering the wide range of factors involved and the fact that there are over 4,000 solar retailers in Australia alone. 

 Ultimately, it’s a personal decision to determine which company is the best fit for your individual needs.

What SunWiz can say for certain is that the best-rated solar companies are those that consistently deliver a great customer experience and outstanding outcomes for their customers. 


Why Number of Reviews is Important

50% of businesses in the Solar Industry have a 5-star Google Rating. When everyone is showing off their 5-star Google Review status, it’s impossible to tell businesses apart. 

The number of reviews is important because it differentiates between a small business (that’s well-rated because the business owner does everything) and a larger business that’s well-rated because their business processes are great (whether or not the owner is on holiday).

The more reviews you get, the greater chance there is of receiving a less-than-glowing review. It’s statistically near-impossible to maintain a perfect five-star rating when you’ve got hundreds of reviews.  That’s why SunWiz applies minimum-thresholds (100 reviews) so that each company’s rating is statistically-significant.

Why do we collect from multiple different sites?

SunWiz gathers reviews from multiple platforms to identify the best-rated retailers.

We do this because many solar companies will direct their happy customers to one specific review site. As a result, they may receive high ratings on that particular site. But customers who have had negative experiences may provide ratings on other review sites. This means that a company may have good reviews on one site, but not perform well on other review websites. 

As companies can cleverly direct clients to favourable review websites, this may lead to a biased opinion of how much their customers actually love them. 

That’s why we collate reviews from more than three commonly-used review sites, and perform a weighted average of all those reviews. We also exclude from consideration companies that have >90% of reviews on one platform.

Wait, isn't 4.2 Stars Really Good?

Achieving an average rating of 4.2 stars might sound good at first glance. A restaurant that achieved a 4.2-star rating on Google reviews would be considered exceptional.

However, in the solar industry, a 4.2-star rating as an average makes you one of the worst solar companies in the country to choose from.  

That’s why SunWiz is offering this enhanced recognition for companies that rank highest in reviews.

Because of the semi-automated way we collect reviews across multiple sites, its possible we may have overlooked one of your review sites. If you believe you’re eligible for an award but haven’t been contacted, request a ranking review using the link above

Different review categories

We note that because we are looking across multiple review sites, it can be quite difficult to achieve a 5-star rating when dealing with a large volume of customers. It’s relatively easy for microbusinesses, where the business owner has personal interactions with every customer and can control the customer experience, this is why so many companies have a handful of 5-star reviews. However, if we were to base our assessment solely on 5-star ratings, there wouldn’t be much to distinguish one retailer from another, as there would be thousands of very small retailers in that category. This is not an ideal way to differentiate one company from another.

We see that larger businesses find it more difficult to maintain a perfect 5-star rating, and of course, if you prefer a small local business, then you can choose to do so. However, our goal is to identify companies that stand out from the crowd by having a large volume of excellent reviews. Sunwiz considers three key factors when determining its awards.

All-Star Category

The All-Star category recognizes companies that have received at least 100 reviews across more than one platform and achieved a rating of 4.95 or more. The Top 40 companies (by average rating) receive an award.

Most Popular Category

The Most Popular category recognizes the Top 20 companies (by #Reviews) that have received at least 300 reviews across more than one platform and achieved a rating of 4.8 or higher. The Top 20 companies (by number of reviews) receive an award.

Best Rated Category

The All-Star category recognizes companies that have received at least 100 reviews across more than one platform and achieved a rating of 4.8 or more. The Top 100 companies (by average rating) receive an award.

Here are the (randomly ordered) winners of the Top 100 Best Rated Retailer awards

  • Watts Up Solar and Electrical
  • Surge It Electrical
  • Adam Solar
  • AHLEC Solar & Electrical
  • Macdonald Air and Electrical
  • Marshall Energy Solutions
  • SunPeople
  • Advanced Energy Management
  • Solar Spirit
  • G-Solar & Electrical
  • Easy Cool Air
  • AG Solar
  • Jet Solar
  • Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions
  • Adelaide Solar Repairs
  • Urban Renewables
  • Opera Solar Energy
  • Westsun Energy
  • GCR Solar Hervey Bay
  • RESINC Solar
  • Energy Base
  • Solar Merchants
  • Global Solar Solutions
  • Fritts Solar
  • SunSmart Sunshine Coast
  • SolarPath
  • Solar Tactics
  • Sunny Sky Solar
  • Omega Solar and Batteries
  • Green Wave Solar
  • Go Green Energy
  • Innovate Energy
  • Future Solar WA
  • Invincible Energy
  • Sun Solar Australia
  • Future Friendly Solar
  • Hunter Valley Electrics
  • Smarter Air & Electrical
  • Chief Electricians – Solar Energy & Air Conditioning
  • Solar Spirit
  • Home and Energy
  • Infinity Energy Solutions
  • Yuma Energy
  • Big T Electrical, Cooling & Solar
  • Solar Experts Australia
  • MC Electrical
  • Florance Electrical
  • Top Value Solar
  • Symons Energy
  • Koala Solar
  • Hilts Group Australia
  • Dillon & Kenzie Electrical Co.
  • DQ Electrical & Solar Adelaide
  • Battery Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Supreme Solar Power
  • Green Energy Technologies
  • Platinum Solar Designs
  • Rescom Solar
  • Duncan Kerr Electrical
  • Solar Pro Bendigo
  • Expert Electrical
  • Solarbank
  • Hielscher Electrical
  • Total Solar Solutions
  • Regen Power
  • Lite Force Solar
  • Quinncroft Electrical Group
  • Stinson Air and Solar
  • Solar Air Energy
  • Perth Solar Warehouse & PSW Energy
  • Penrith Solar Centre
  • Empower Solar Australia
  • EverySolar 2.0 Pty Ltd
  • Top House Solar
  • Energy Buster
  • MyEnergy Engineering
  • NC Electrical & Air Conditioning Pty
  • SALT Solar
  • Dan The Solar Man
  • Solar Prime Pty Ltd
  • Greensure Solar
  • Sunburn Solar
  • Circuit Alert
  • solar on panels
  • Apollo Solar
  • Superior Solar
  • Life Solar
  • Coffs Solar Energy
  • GoRun Solar
  • HCB Solar
  • Hardy Electrical & Solar
  • Solarmatic Pty Ltd
  • DJ Solar
  • AMG Electrical Solutions