Be a Part of Australia's Most Important Solar Survey Ever

2010 was Australia’s biggest ever year for Solar Power.

  • ~ 350 MW installed
  • ~ 30 MW manufactured
  • > 10,000 employed
  • > 2,3000 accredited installers
  • ~ $2.3billion turnover
  • Australian solar returns to the top 10 Globally

We need the world to know! And YOUR participation in this survey is REALLY IMPORTANT! Just click here.


Australia’s Most Important Solar Survey Ever

Each year, the Australian PV Association collects information as part of the efforts of the IEA-PVPS (International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Program) to advance the interests of solar power globally. To get an understanding of what’s produced, you can read Australia’s 2009 Report.

This survey covers all aspects of the PV sector, so everyone should find at least one question they need to answer.  For instance, we need to know how many people work in PV related areas of government, legal firms, research etc, and we need to know about key developments in 2010 and coming up over the next few years, as well as your thoughts on what needs to be done.

Its confidential, takes only 5-10 minutes, and is vital for the long-term success of our industy.

Take Part! Contribute! Respond! Forward! –  Please feel free to circulate the link.

We need the data by mid March, so that we can analyse it and add the other details needed for the IEA-PVPS report. The IEA-PVPS facilitates some amazing research (many of the answers to your curly technical questions can be found by exploring their site), and the AVPA makes an impressive behind-the-scenes contribution to your industry.

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And if you missed the National Online Seminar on Safe PV System Installations, the recorded version is now available.


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