Average System Size Hits 5kW

In June 2015 we’ve just seen the national average Australian solar PV system size hit 5kW! This is the highest we have ever seen and is a new landmark for solar PV development in Australia. 


While WA is sitting steadily below the national average, VIC, QLD and NSW are all hovering around a 5kW average. In June, it’s SA and (ACT, NT, TAS) we have to thank for the jump in average system size each with a state average of around 6kW! The reason the average system size is rising is the growing proportion of commercial PV! Although it’s not nearly as easy to sell commercial PV as it is to sell residential, SunWiz’s list of prime commercial targets (part of its ProfitVoltaics suite of services) makes it a hell of a lot easier!

This landmark has been reached 2 years after the national average system size hit 4kW back in 2013. So well done Australia, the growth in solar PV is something we should all be proud of.