Automations for OpenSolar

Solar Business Automations


Reduce the cost of operating your solar business, and scale your profit with solar business automation!

SunWiz is OpenSolar’s expert partner, and the principle provider of it’s third party automations. Automations for OpenSolar are designed to provide instant ROI to it’s users, streamline business activities and reduce costly human errors - so you can focus on what matters most to you!

Cloud Elements surveyed over 380 experts from 44 countries to gather feedback on today’s state of integrations. 83% percent of respondents believe that API integration unlocks transformative experiences for customers, partners, and employees


Automations for OpenSolar are a must have for solar businesses. An OpenSolar Automation can help your business –

    • Eliminate costly errors that hurt your reputation
    • Improve productivity and compliance with business processes
    • Increase sales, ratings, and reviews
    • Put your salespeople back on the road
    • Keep up with your competitors
    • Plus more!


You can now book a call with SunWiz to find out which product is right with you! Click below to book a call with an expert and find out what we can offer to boost your Solar Business!

Is my OpenSolar Data Safe?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us at SunWiz. We have respected and protected user privacy since we started, and we guarantee that your data is a 100% safe with us and we are trusted by industry leaders across the board.

  • We will not sell your customer details as leads
  • In fact, we will never disclose any personal information, customer details, or identify your business to anyone else.
  • When we do compare business across the market, we do so without identifying anyone, at an aggregate level. You can verify this by downloading our sample report
  • You can terminate SunWiz’s access to your OpenSolar account, and your data is wiped from our secure server
  • Its all covered in full glorious detail in our Privacy Policy
  1. SunWiz has been entrusted by over 1400 leading solar retailers with details of over 60,000 customers, as the developer of PVsell.
  2. SunWiz is the only company trusted by leading battery manufacturers with confidential sales figures for our exclusive Battery Market Report, and we regularly handle confidential business data for a wide range of leading solar companies.
  3. Warwick Johnston has personally been elected or appointed to many positions of leadership, including the board of the Clean Energy Council and an industry representative to Solar Victoria.
  4. SunWiz has been vetted by OpenSolar and earned a status of Expert Partner and Exclusive Training Provider.
  5. Personally, Warwick Johnston has received recommendations on his LinkedIn profile from numerous solar industry leaders including Nigel Morris, John Grimes, Mark Twidell, Geoff Bragg, Tristan Edis, Stefan Jarnasan and more.
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