Australian Solar Power Prices Fall to Record Lows in 2019

This chart of system prices shows some great news. Solar power has reached record-low prices in Australia (prices shown are $/W after STC discount)

The need to address climate change is urgent. So here’s some messages to help solar retailers sell more solar in 2020:

  1. There’s never been a better time to buy a solar power system. 
  2. Solar power is as cheap as it has ever been. 
  3. System prices fell 8% in 2019, despite the wind-back in subsidy level.  
  4. There’s no point in waiting much longer – prices continue to fall, but not very rapidly. In the past, people would wait until solar power was cheaper. But these days, the money you might save by waiting a year is far less than the savings you’ll make on your electricity bill.
  5. There’s no need to wait until battery prices now. Buy a big solar system now and add a battery later
Its worth remembering that buying the lowest priced system is usually a grave mistake. Before you made an unfortunate decision, read SolarQuotes article “The High Cost of Cheap Solar Systems

 The good news is a quality solar power system that will pay for itself multiple times over its long lifetime: quality is now really affordable!

So what are you waiting for, buy a solar power system (just after you’ve finished reading this article (and buying the 2019 Year in Review))!

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