Australian Solar 2019: States Record Concurrent Records

Once upon a time…

(Warwick reaches for his bedtime story picture book)

Australian solar booms happened when a state (or federal) government wound back its subsidies. The forthcoming reduction in subsidy would unleash a torrent of people all wanting to get their hands on as much government money as possible.

This often led to one state having a mini-boom while the others were all going along at Business-As-Usual. Booms were a few months long at best, before a sustained bust. When all the government subsidy programs reached a baseline, the solar industry slowed down considerably.

That all changed at the start of 2016, when the underlying fundamentals of high electricity prices and low solar power system prices combined drove volumes skyward, building industry momentum and reaching mainstream adoption. 

Even amongst the impressive growth (the national 2019 market is 3x the size it was in 2016), the stand-out highlight was a concurrent record volume installed in every mainland state, as beautifully illustrated in the picture below. (Imagine what Victoria would have reached if it hadn’t reached for the handbrake while driving along the expressway!)

If that didn’t get you excited about 2020, how’s this: every mainland state (bar Victoria) had a record month in December 2019. And this bodes well for a great start to 2020!

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